Monthly Archives: May 2015

Summer Uniform


I guess it’s safe to say that my summer uniform is going to be printed shorts with some sort of jacket,…

Naty Grams


Life lately… A closer look at the gram.

Sprinkles with a side of ice cream anyone?  Yes, please.  This was my last ice cream for awhile so I definitely enjoyed every bite of it….

Brunch Every Sunday


Brunch every Sunday? Yes, please.  I have an obsession with breakfast food and can eat it any time of day.  This dates back to years ago in my younger teen years….



Happy Tuesday babes! 
It totally feels like Monday to me since we had such a long weekend.  I hope that you all enjoyed it!…

White, Floral & A Pop Of Pink


Happy Friday! 
These last few days have been so surreal because my sister just got married on Wednesday night! I posted a few photos on my instagram, in case you want to check them out….

Yellow & Navy


“She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eyes.”

This quote really spoke to me….

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