Monthly Archives: July 2016

London Diary


I’ve been home for almost a week and I am still caught up in a Europe daze.  London is one of those places that I always tried to envision in my mind through the descriptions that I heard and the photos that I saw.  …

Life Chats: My 2nd Solo Trip


I’m not even sure how to start this post because I am just filled with so many mixed emotions.  I honestly never imagined that I would ever travel by myself and now I have gone solo to 3 different countries.  …

Hotel de la Trémoille


Bonjour! I’m back from my Europe adventure and have SO much to share with you guys!  This week is going to be filled with travel posts from a Life Chats describing the whole experience to a London Diary &…

Dark Summer Vibes


It’s been such a hectic week since I am leaving tomorrow night for Europe! I won’t be posting much on the blog while I am away,…

Mia Angel’s Baptism


Yesterday my niece, Mia Angel, was baptized and I became her Godmother.  I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have this little girl in my life because she truly is the biggest gift from God.  …

Life Chats


With my next solo trip coming up in less than a week, I just felt it in my heart to touch on this topic again for today’s Life Chats.  …

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