Today is so beautiful!  Spring is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.  My outfit today is a little mix of boho/hippie.  I wanted to switch it up and put on something that I don’t usually wear.  It’s just a funky casual look that’s perfect for this type of weather.

I’m wearing a tan crop top from H&M that I paired with these slightly ripped jeans from Forever21.  Both of these are older purchases so I decided to bring them out today.  I have on my comfy wedges from Shoe Dazzle.  I’m wearing a multi colored tribal headband that I got a couple of months back from a girl in Cali who makes them.  It’s been so long since I wore it.  Since there is so much going on with the headband I wanted to make sure everything else was toned down so this would stand out the most. 

 Another statement piece that I’m wearing is this tribal triangle necklace that I got from Gypsy Warrior.  It’s so cute!  My clutch is from Charlotte Russe that I got last year.  Wearing my shades of course, 2 bracelets and some rings. 

This last photo represents how this warm weather makes me feel… so GOOD!!  Hope you liked the pics.  Enjoy this gorgeous day loves! xx