10,000 FEET UP!

Hello from the sky!  I’m on the plane right now headed to Cali and I’m really stoked about having wifi! I thought it would be really cool to do a post from 10, 000 feet up.  While most people are sleeping I’m over here blogging 🙂 I flew into Chicago first and now I’m headed directly to LA. This is my first time flying SouthWest and I love the fact that you get to pick your own seat!
 A quick little story from this morning.  So I go to check in my bag and of course with my luck it was over the 50lbs. So they told me I had to take a few things out and I started panicking because I’m flying alone and I don’t have a big carry on bag.  I grabbed the first two little bags I saw on top not thinking it would make much of a difference because they were only my accessories.  But as soon as they weighed the bag again, it was exactly 50lbs.  I am traveling with 3lbs of jewelry! lol I had no idea I brought that much and just thought it was funny. I guarantee I will not wear everything that I brought because I always over pack.
I know this picture is not great because it’s a selfie from the airport bathroom lol but I wanted to show what I wore since I posted it on instagram earlier this morning.  When traveling, I go for comfortable style.  I just bought these sneaker wedges from PoshMark (not sure the brand) and they look almost exactly like the Isabel Marants but waaaaay cheaper.  These babies are THEE most comfortable shoes I own and perfect for boarding a plane and walking around an airport.  I love wearing leggings when I have to fly somewhere, especially if I have a long flight.  The worst thing is to wear something that you wish you could take off mid flight.  Loose/oversized tops are super comfy and right on trend too.  I got this one from Forever21.  I stuffed what I could in this old Dooney & Burke bag and I also have my Cannon bag with me too 🙂  As you can see, I have another iPhone case from THE LOOKER, this time in titanium.  This case is amazing to have when traveling because of the mirror (perfect for quick touch ups on the plane).  I will be taking better pics with it in Cali.
I have so much that I want to do during my stay, including meeting up with some fellow fashion bloggers out there.  I think tomorrow I am headed to The Grove (one of my favorite places).
I will definitely be blogging during my stay!  Please keep voting for me loves.  We still have till Jan 22 for this first round.  VOTE HERE!
  1. Great outfit! I looove oversized sweaters with leggings. Bought too sweaters yesterday and they are oversized as well so I can wear them with leggings <3


  2. Cute travel outfit. I'm the queen of over packing lol

  3. So cute. Hope you're having a smooth flight love! Xo

  4. So gorgeous! Hope you get to your destination safely! Can't wait to see your future posts! Goodluck in the contest chica!


  5. Aww I love this outfit!! Haha you sound like me packing and taking over 3 pounds of jewelry xo

  6. Voted Natalie! Hey, 3 lbs isn't bad, usually my carryon has only accessories and my make-up, I made the mistake of packing those years ago and losing them, so I vowed never to pack them, they go in my carryon closer to my heart! 😉

    Enjoy Cali! And all the best with the competition! But I don't think you need luck, in the bag! 😉


  7. piękna stylizacja! 🙂

  8. Cute travel outfit, Naty! I hope you have a wonderful time white you're here! 🙂

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  9. Love your bag 😉

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