Monthly Archives: June 2016

So Summery


My mom and I have been trying to venture out a little more on the weekends to discover new locations for shooting.  …

Travel Tuesday


Travel Tuesdays are my favorite. I’ve been spending so much time on the internet searching flights and hotel info for London &…

Life Chats


Another Friday, another Life Chats.  I’m currently writing this at my friend’s apartment in the city and have temporarily made her living room my office space for the morning.  …

Matching Sets For Summer


Summer is almost officially here and for me that means crop tops and matching sets!  These were some of my go-to pieces last year and I’m pretty sure that they will continue to be.  …

Life Lately via Instagram


Happy Tuesday!  I am working on some new ideas and concepts for my next few #TravelTuesday posts, so in the meantime I decided to do a small Insta Roundup of my life lately.  …

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