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Happy Tuesday!  I am working on some new ideas and concepts for my next few #TravelTuesday posts, so in the meantime I decided to do a small Insta Roundup of my life lately.  It’s been quite some time since I have done a full IG recap.  I have to admit that I have not been posting as frequently as I was before, but I am still doing my best to create new content and share different pieces of my life.  Instagram can get a bit overwhelming at times and I have enjoyed taking a small step back. It is definitely needed from time to time!

With my favorite girl in the entire world. 😁 #auntie #niece #besties

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How adorable is my niece, Mia Angel?!  Look at those cheeks!  She makes frequent appearances on my snapchat [natymichele] and I post photos of her to IG whenever I can.  This was taken yesterday after meeting her and my sister for a quick lunch outside.  Words can’t even describe what it feels like to be an Aunt for the first time.  I am so completely in love with her and miss her the second that I leave her.  I do my best to see her at least once a week and sometimes even several when I can.  I’ve already babysat her a bunch of times and I swear she knows who I am.  I love making her smile and dancing to her favorite song, NO by Meghan Trainor. Lol! I swear it’s her favorite.  I discovered that it is literally the only song that makes her stop crying.  This little munchkin will be 5 months next week and in July she is getting baptized.  I am going to be her Godmother and am so completely honored.

New members of my shoe fam from my shoot on Friday with @bedstu! 💛 #shoes #springstyle

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On Friday I did a fun social media shoot with BED|STU and these were some of the shoes that I got to style and keep. I think these black booties will be my new go-to travel shoes.  Seriously so comfortable. It was raining on and off so shooting was a bit of a challenge, but I think that we got some good ones!  I hope to share some of those images with you guys soon. I gave a few sneak peeks on my snapchat. Shooting around NYC is always fun and I definitely don’t do it enough.  In fact I only do it during NYFW and I need to change that.  I get so tired of the NJ scenery because I don’t have much in my area to choose from. In New York though, you can be on the same long block and have a ton of different spots to pick.  There’s just nothing like the city!

You’re always lovely. Goodnight New York. 💛 #nyc

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Speaking of NYC, how amazing is this view?  I took this from the Jimmy at the James rooftop the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend right before the sun was about to set. I didn’t post much MDW because I just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy my time with friends and family.  Memorial Day 6 years ago is when my father was diagnosed with cancer.  That entire weekend was the beginning of the end.  It’s still a very touchy time for me, even after all these years.  I do my best to stay occupied and have as much fun as I can in his memory.  I am so thankful for friends who understand this.

Strawberry amazing 🍓 #strawberries #postworkout

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Strawberries are my favorite fruit to snack on!  I have been trying so hard to stick to my workout/eating routine.  I admit to cheating a little bit here and there with the holiday weekend and a few dinners with friends, but other than that I have been pretty good.  I recently bought the fitbit to help me keep track of the calories I am losing every day as well as my steps/distance.  I never knew how much I was burning during my workouts. It also tracks my sleeping habits, which has been extremely helpful.  I never knew how restless I could get in the middle of the night or how many times I wake up.  So happy to say that last night was one of the best nights that I have had, sleeping wise.

Tuesday thoughts 💭 #wander #wonder

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I haven’t been posting quotes as much as I used to, but when something really speaks to me I like sharing it on Instagram.  I loved this one so much because as simple as it is, it holds a lot of meaning and truth.  We should wander and travel as often as we can.  I think it’s such an important aspect of life.  And we should always wonder, wanting to learn more.  It’s an essential part of our growth and evolution. Wander often, Wonder always.

My little cutie turned 4 last month!  Mikey is a very special dog to me and he is literally Kiko’s bestie.  Having the two of them together brings me so much joy every day.  Mikey loves to cuddle and he is so loving, but he is also crazy and selfish. lol He steals Kiko’s bones and hides his treats so that Kiko can’t find them.  It’s hysterical.  He shows me what I like to call his “monster face” where his little teeth show and he grumbles.  He seriously makes me laugh every single day.  I love my little boy!

Well that’s it for today’s recap.  Have a great day loves.


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