A Love Affair With Fashion Turns 3!

Three years ago today I created A Love Affair With Fashion.  I was at a transitional moment in my life after losing my father and losing my job.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I needed something that would give me a creative escape.  Something that would help me express myself.  So I started a blog without having any thoughts about it in the future.  I never expected anything from it and I never thought that it would ever become anything.  Little did I know that this blog would eventually transition itself into my career.  I went from working for a company that made me miserable to working for myself.  That is a beautiful thing.  Although it’s a struggle at times, I would not have it any other way.  I finally found myself and can do something that I love.  I went from feeling lost and alone to being filled with a ton of joy and completion.  To some people a blog is just a blog.  They don’t understand what it really is or the hard work that it takes to maintain.   They may see it as narcissistic or a joke.  They make fun of it.  They don’t understand how amazing it is to be able to connect with so many people all across the world and that there really is much more to the blog and the blogger than what you see on the surface.  Little by little I have been trying to show more of myself to all of you because as I always say there is way more to me than just the clothes that I wear.  I’m a dreamer to the fullest extent and I hope that if I can do one thing for you, it’s to take risks and chase your dreams until you catch them.  
I have grown so much with my blog over these last 3 years.  I look back at my selfie posts from when I first started to my photos now and I still sometimes can’t believe that it ever became anything.  I am so grateful to my supportive mother for helping me do this.  I look back at some of the ridiculous poses and the questionable outfits and everything else and I can’t help but  smile and laugh because all of that was just part of the process.  I learned so much about myself all because of my blog.  I learned my weaknesses and my strengths and I learned to have thick skin for sure!  The internet is a beautiful thing but it can also be cruel.  That’s all part of the price though when you put yourself out there every day.  A few people have asked me how I deal with the negativity and the criticism and the truth is that it used to hurt me a lot in the beginning.  But now, I consider all of that to be just noise.  I don’t let it slow me down or stop me.  I am a 31 year old woman, not a little girl. I am not perfect but I know who I am and that is all that matters.  So from the people who have supported me from day 1 to the people who have not been so supportive, I thank you all because you seriously helped me grow as a woman.  
As I continue to evolve, I want my blog to as well.  I have been working on creating a new layout and was hoping to have it up today, but I want to make sure it’s just right before putting it out.  So that will be coming very soon, hopefully within the next week.  It’s about time, right?!  The main focus of my blog will still be my outfit posts, however I really do want to incorporate other things too and more frequently from lifestyle, to more travel, to beauty, and more.  I am still working on getting back into videos and I seriously want to do that with the new year.  I just want to work on making my blog better and making sure that it continues to grow with me.  
Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along on this journey with me.  I don’t even consider you guys to be my readers, I consider you my friends.  I always look forward to your lovely comments as they put a smile on my face every time.  With so many blogs out there, I truly appreciate you still taking the time to stop by mine and read my posts.  I love you! 
Happy 3 Year Blogiversary to A Love Affair With Fashion!  
& cheers to many more.
  1. Felicidadessss!! <3

  2. Happy 3 year blogiversary!

  3. Congrats on your blog turning 3 years Naty! Your blog is one of my favorites and one that gave me the courage to start my own blog, I have been doing a horrible job at keeping up with it but I'm trying, I refuse to give up. You are so inspirational and I wish you nothing but the best with more blogging years to come <3

    • That makes me so happy thank you for sharing that with me! Just stick with it as much as you can. I wish you the best with your blog as well! <3 xo

  4. you are truly a sweet soul. I hope you are blessed with more blogging success, and I have to thank you for responding to me over a year ago on starting a blog. Your kind words were helpful because I did start one 🙂 I only see amazing things in your future! God Bless xx

    • You are so sweet thank you love! I'm so happy that you started your blog! I wish you nothing but the best with it. I really appreciate your kind words. <3

  5. Congrats!!! Wish you many more! You're right about some people not really understanding how a blog can help us, how much it means to us, and how much hard work it takes; even more so when we work a full-time job as well. You're doing a great job. Just recently found your blog and I really like it. Keep up the good work!


  6. I've only recently discovered your blog, about a few months and just want to say your blog is awesome! You always have such cool outfits!
    By the way, congratz! 🙂

  7. congrats love, I had my blog as a way to escape from depression, funny how far little efforts like this can actually prove to help


  8. Happy b-day to your lovely blog, dear! I wish you tons of smiles and happy moments and even more designer bags, pretty shoes and fansy clothes 😉


  9. Yay, cheers and kudos to you Natyl. I started a blog two years ago and it was just a little too time consuming for me so, like I said, KUDOS to you girly. It truly is a labor of love, and thanks for giving me something to look forward to with my cup of coffee at work. Naty holds it down! Lol.

  10. Congratulations on your journey and success! So happy for you that the blogging world helped you find yourself again! xoxo


  11. You're so sweet! May you have many more.

  12. Congrats on turning three! You are one of my faves and truly an inspiration. I wish you many, many more years of success! <3

  13. Happy 3 years and to many more! This is with no doubt, my favorite blog ever! In case you're still wondering, you do inspire!

  14. Happy 3rd birthday. So cute.


  15. Congratulations ��, I want to thank you as well because you inspired me to start my own blog ��

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