A Peek Inside My Pool Bag

{Beach Bag: Old Navy (similar here) / Cover Up: Old Navy / Flip Flops: Havaianas}
Happy Friday! 
 Today’s post is a little bit different as I am giving you a glimpse inside of my pool/beach bag. 🙂 
We are already starting to get into mid-july and the days are getting hotter and hotter.  I’m not complaining though after that brutally cold winter we just had!  However, I definitely always look for ways to stay both refreshed & stylish during these summer months.  Whenever I go to the pool or the beach, I do my best to pack as many essentials as possible to keep me staying cool in heat. 
 First, it’s all in how you dress. When I’m not swimming (or shall I say doing the doggy paddle) or laying out in the sun, I like to wear a little something over my bathing suit.  A thin cover up dress like this one always does the trick.  It’s loose fitted so it doesn’t make me too hot.  I typically go with a simple pair of flip flops, so that my feet can breathe as much as possible.  Sometimes strappy sandals are too much for me.  I never leave home without my sunglasses and I love bringing a big floppy hat in case I want to let my hair down. 
When it comes to packing up my bag, I try to include as much as possible to get me through the day.  I didn’t photograph every single thing, but for the most part these are my poolside essentials. 
 So here’s a peek inside my bag:
Always sunscreen (of course), I love both the spray bottle and this all day moisturizer with SPF.  I like bringing both options, just in case.  Either one is very cooling on the skin. I just recently added these oil absorbing sheets to my list of must-haves when on the go.  They are such a quick way to refresh your face from excess oil and shine.   I’m basically addicted to lip balm, but when I’m out by the pool or on the beach, I make to sure pack one with SPF.  It keeps my lips both moisturized and protected from the sun.  Of course for me, an ice cold caffeinated beverage is a must!  I’ve been pretty addicted to 
Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee lately, so it’s become my outdoor beverage of choice.  I finally got to try the Vanilla flavor too.  So refreshing, so good.
I never leave home without my deodorant, specifically invisible solid with a scent.  I swear I always feel like a new person every time I apply it. I’ve also been bringing along this roll on perfume to freshen me up from being outside.  It’s a quick and easy fix.  A few other pool bag essentials for me are tic tacs, hair ties, headphones, and of course, my iPhone! 
Happiest of weekends loves <3 

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  1. Nice colourful pool bag, I love your swim-suit cover up.

  2. Very cute Naty!
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  4. Dab

    Hey my love, am so so sorry I couldn't be regular to your blog, i was busy in my cousin's wedding and then my phone broke off , I really missed you and your posts…, you are looking so fresh and revive love the post as I always, you look cute babe!!!

    • Aw there you are! I missed your comments! I hope that you had a great time at your cousins's wedding. Thanks so much for the love babe! <3

    • Dab

      Yes I enjoyed darn much I can't tell you but I missed you a ton… Babe thank you for replying, lots of love <3<3<3<3

  5. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.


    Love John Setrodipo

    • you are so sweet, thank you! I will check yours out 🙂

  6. I was told to stop by your blog by – Priscilla Ortiz. She said she new you from an online radio show. Anyhow I stopped her in Zara to photograph her for my blog and she told me about yours. So glad I stopped by. Your blog is great and I will def. be back. Stay Beautiful..Erin http://www.beautyjunkkie.com

    • Oh wow tell her I said hello! I haven't seen her in a long time. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog! xoxo

  7. I haven't tried the vanilla flavor!!! Can't wait to pick that up.

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