Arm Party Entries And Winner!

Hey dolls!  It’s time to announce the winner of the arm party contest!  I really liked all of your entries. There were some great background stories on why you chose to put those pieces together.  A few of you made your bracelets or revamped them, some were great finds at thrift shops or found in other countries.  Some of you went into a lot of detail and I loved reading about them!  It’s always fun to hear about the story behind something, especially if it has a lot of meaning or significance to you.  I love how each person’s arm party was completely different from everyone else’s.  That just goes to show you that we all have our own unique style!  
Diana Karen Mireles from LA
Instagram & Twitter: DKLAFashion
She put these pieces together because her favorite combo is black & gold and they each have rhinestones to add extra sparkle.  
Black & gold is definitely a great combo!  I love each piece together or as separates!  
Erica from NJ
Instagram & Twitter: PooLovesBoo
Her arm party consisted of bangles that she collected over the years from Indian Boutiques.
Very cool! I love how you went with all gold and then used this gem bracelet for pops of color!  And Fossil watches are very nice. Great finds!
Lafayette Deone from the South 
Fashion Consultant
Instagram: LadyLafayetteDeone
Her arm party includes a Michael Kors boyfriend watch along with sapphire & bronze embellished bracelets.  
I love big face watches and I really like the blue and gold combo! Cute bracelets! 
Snazzy Shanise from LA
Instagram: SnazzyShanise 
Her arm party alternates from small pieces to big bold pieces.  She put these together because she loves the colors & designs.  
These are very unique and such great colors for this season. I love the square green one, I must know where you found it! 
Alicia from Down South 
Twitter: ThatsHer69
All of these bracelets are Wrist Gems by Alicia.  She says that she makes them and puts them all together because each and everyone is beautiful.  The hot colors are for summer. 
They really are beauties!  I love the angel wing ones most! 
Lucille Skjarstad from Calgary, Canada 
Instagram & Pinterest: LucySkjarstad 
Her arm party consists of bangles from H&M and F21 along with a black leather braided bracelet made by someone in Calgary.  She wanted them to compliment her color block top & says she was influenced to wear color block pieces from my blog.  
I like how you didn’t let the accessories overpower your top!  Love those rings too! 

Aida from LA
Her jewelry has a lot of personal meaning.  She recently bought a new home and says she never owned anything pretty until now.  When she puts on her jewelry, she feels confident and girly and she loves that.  
Thank you for sharing your story with me & it must be an amazing feeling to be a home owner! I adore each of these pieces & they all look great together! 
Tiffany from Long Beach, CA
Twitter: Lacenleopard 
Instagram: mz_jucee
She picked these because she loves the color combo & they’re special to her. The square ones were purchased in Puerto Rico and remind her of the culture & experience she had there.  The bigger one was revamped by her.  She fabric wrapped it & made it her own.  
My family is from PR and I love these square ones! I never thought to fabric wrap old bracelets so thanks for that idea! 
Evangelina Lovak from Edinburg, Texas 
Instagram: EvaLovak 
She put these pieces together because she loves to combine silver accessories with a bright color.  She loves fashion & is always looking for the latest trends and just got this Casio watch.
 I love the pop of yellow here and you make me want to get a skull bangle too! Also love the spikes. Very cool pieces!
Sarah Askander from Seattle, Washington
Instagram: Cleopatra0104
She focused mainly on the texture and shape of each individual piece.  They each add their own element to her arm party.  
I like how you added in the pearls to give it a feminine touch and I adore the 2nd bracelet on the left.  Such a great design! I loved your thought process behind these pieces! 
Maria from NJ
She is wearing a Betsey Johnson bracelet and says she loves this because it fits her style perfectly.  She loves the pink, pearls, and bows.  
Charm bracelets are super cute! I love the heart with the pink stone on it.  Definitely something girly and fun to wear! 
Melanne Shale from LA
Instagram: Melanee
“I put this arm party together because of my current obsession with turquoise!  The cuff was a recent vintage find that I happily added to my collection.  So this was definitely the piece that I wanted to surround the rest of my bracelets with.  I chose the rest keeping with the turquoise & silver and added a ring to match.”
We loved this one!!  It’s very creative and the color scheme is right on point!  The spikes and pyramid stud bracelet add edge yet the other pieces add a feminine element.  You totally scored by finding this vintage cuff.  We just thought that this one stood out the most and was very different.  Each piece is amazing both individually and combined with the rest.  I’m inspired! I want all these bracelets now 🙂 Congrats!! 
Make sure to check out all of these ladies on their blogs & social network sites!  Thank you so much to all the girls who entered this contest.  I appreciate all of your support here on my blog.  There will definitely be more contest give aways coming up so even if you didn’t win this time, there will be other chances soon! 
  1. Thanks Naty!!! They were all such great arm parties! Can't wait to blog about this!


  2. This was a great contest, kudos to everyone's beautiful arm parties and congrats to the winner!

    Thanks for the opportunity to join the contest as well 🙂

  3. Love everyone's arm party.
    Naty, i purchased the green square bracelet at a small little fashion store out this way called Red Tag.

    Congrats to the winner all the arm parties look great.

  4. All the arm parties look awesome! Thanks for featuring my entry! ; )

  5. All of these are so awesome, boo I forgot to send mine in! next time… and the winner's arm party is to die for!

  6. Great entries!!! I definitely want to go to the winners arm party, very beautiful combo. Thanks for considering my entry and for the shout out! Much love 🙂

  7. wow, awesome accesories!

  8. Great combinations!Great post!

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