Black & Navy

When it’s 80 degrees in October, but you want to dress for fall you have to comprise. I had to blend a little bit of summer into the mix. That is basically what happened with this look. 🙂

What I’m Wearing
Vest: Nordstrom Rack [similar blazer style] | Top: TopShop | Jeans: Parker Smith [love] Loafers: Zara [similar] | Hat: H&M | Choker: Boutique [similar]

So yeah guys, it has been HOT the last two days.  I honestly do not know how to dress when weather like this hits a different season. It’s definitely confusing.  I admit I still love the warm temps that are lingering around though. Curious where all of you are from! I have been seeing a ton of Instagram posts lately with girls mentioning this 80-90 degree weather and not everyone lives in my area.

I’m back to my whole long vest/long blazer phase if you haven’t already noticed.  It’s so hard to get out of it because I gravitate towards these pieces every fall.  They are so versatile and fun to style, especially for light layering.  This one was literally waiting for me on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack.  It was the very last one and it was my size, so of course I had to snatch it up.  The price was too good to walk away from.  I couldn’t find it online 🙁 but I did link a similar blazer style that is just as fab! I first wore this with denim shorts and a button down during fashion week, which you might remember seeing here. I’ve been wanting to wear it again differently, so this time I took advantage of the weather and let my arms be free!

There are so many “fashion rules” that I do not agree with because I believe that when it comes to personal style, rules do not apply. One of those apparent no-nos is to never wear black and navy blue together.  Well you know what? I did it anyway and it totally works, at least in my humble opinion it does. 🙂 If I am being honest here I think sometimes I am color blind and can’t even tell the difference between black and navy! For this look, I decided to ditch the heels and I did the same the last time I wore this vest because these leather loafers are just too damn good. In the past, I would never even consider wearing such a long piece with flats since I am so petite.  Lately though, I’ve been more about comfort and
figuring out different ways to incorporate more flats into my outfits. I think wearing loafers with this look was a bit unexpected for me and I love that. What do you think?!

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