Blue & Snakeskin

Outfit Details 

Jacket: Desigual / Sweater: Dynamite / Jeans: Dynamite 
Shoes: Nine West (old, similar) / Clutch: Danielle Nicole / Necklaces: Satya 
Taking photos in the middle of the winter season can definitely be a challenge.  I really do my best to get creative with bundling up, but there are only so many ways I can wear a scarf, big coat and hat.  I know some of the people who read my blog also live in areas where it is not too cold.  So sometimes, I suck it up for a couple of minutes to shoot with less layers on.  That’s exactly what I did for this look.  I won’t lie and say I wasn’t cold, because I was.  However, I did have that big coat and scarf in the car waiting for me. lol 😉 
I’ve been really gravitating towards shades of blue lately, so that is what inspired this look.  I picked up this pair of distressed denim over the weekend along with this V-neck sweater.  V-necks are a big sweater trend at the moment and I have been searching for the perfect one.  This one is more light weight, but it’s super comfortable and long enough to either leave out or tuck in.  I decided on this faux leather jacket, which I actually got at some point last year.  Not sure if you can tell in photos, but the sleeves zip off and this turns into a vest.  I am all about versatile pieces!  I will definitely have to style the vest soon too.  I added more blue with this oversized clutch and then to break up the outfit I put on my snakeskin pumps.  Since I didn’t wear a scarf, I layered two of my favorite necklaces together.   One is a dainty heart and the other is actually a symbol for Scorpios.  
I like giving you all the thought process that goes behind my outfits.  Sometimes there is inspiration and other times I sort of just throw things together on a whim.  Either way, I hope it helps you at least a little bit. Hope you all have a great day!

  1. This blue leather jacket is amazing! I love how it matches your oversized clutch.

  2. I love the blue jacket and snakeskin shoes. I started blogging this past summer and I wan not prepared for shooting fashion pics in the winter. I totally understand what you mean about being cold. I live in Michigan and it's no fun taking pics in the freezing cold but I'm getting through it. LOL! Love your style Naty!

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