Brick Red & Black

I had no idea that it was going to be such a gloomy day!  But regardless today was good.  Before I forget let me just tell you guys that I am going to be running the blog for Suite201 and making posts 1-2 times a week, so make sure to follow that blog as well & check for updates! I posted today about the blue trend!

I went to Forever21 this week and fell in love with this “shag” vest by Heritage 1981 and it was the last one there.  It’s sort of like a faux fur vest but the material is different. I tried it on but for some reason I debated on getting it so I didn’t.  I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but if there’s something I like and for some reason I don’t get it, I just can’t stop thinking about it.  Then I feel like I have to get it.  Is that even normal? I don’t know.  So literally all day yesterday I felt like I needed to go back to see if it was there.  So of course I did and luckily it was there waiting for me!  🙂  It’s a brick red color which I love because I don’t have many red pieces and this adds a nice pop of color to any outfit. 
I decided to go with all black.  So I have on my H&M skinnies and this no name v-neck long sleeve tee. The vest on top of it really brought it all together.  I’m wearing my Bakers wedges.  I hadn’t worn these in awhile.  I forgot how comfy they are!  Then I accessorized with my long feather necklace, 2 rings, MK watch & wrap around bracelet that I made the other day.  I also wore my Sophisto lipstick from MAC.  I actually realized today that I don’t need to wear a liner with this color.  It goes on just like lipgloss.  I love it.  
My only complaint about this outfit was the lint and the shedding.  These pants are great but they pick up lint like it’s their job.  And this vest is so warm & cozy but I was getting little red fuzzies all over myself.  Thankfully though I carry around a mini lint roller in my purse.  I do.  It’s true! lol It’s only $1 at target 🙂 
The last thing I wanted to share with you all are these really cute headbands from Suite201!  These are so trendy right now and I honestly haven’t seen these styles anywhere else.  Check them out 🙂
Tomorrow is already Friday and I have such an exciting weekend ahead.  Another Birthday celebration and then a trip to AC! 🙂 
xo Naty 
  1. Lol i thought it was so cute how you said "i do. Its true!" i do too lol got one in my purse right now. I looove the headbands.

    • Haha! Aren't they the best? I feel like I am always picking up lint! & yes these headbands are so cute 🙂 You should check out the store online

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