Brighter Than The SUN

Hello beautiful people!  I’m feeling extra bright today and maybe that has something to do with my yellow pants 🙂  I’ve been wanting to get these for the longest and finally got them.  There’s actually a lot of different ways that you can wear these… you can mix yellow with black, pink, prints & florals, white and neutral tones, etc. But today I decided to go with white and gold.  Hope that you like!

These are the same style skinnies as my mint pants and are also from H&M. As I mentioned in my video Haul, they’re only $24.95 and I think they’re great.  I have a serious issue with buying pants lately.. I actually need more tops but I keep getting bottoms. I’m wearing a button down with two front pockets and a tie that hangs in front.  This is from H&M but it’s an older purchase.  I got this sometime last year. It’s another one of those tops that wrinkles super fast.

I have on my mary jane platforms and as you can clearly see on my blog, I have worn them multiple times already.  They seriously go with just about everything.  I got this creme & gold clutch, also from H&M, and I love it.  I didn’t have any gold clutches so I thought this was perfect.  I love the way it goes with this outfit.  I’ve been expanding my clutch collection lately but I have to say that they’re all inexpensive and I will get a lot of use out of them all.

I’m wearing a bunch of accessories including my Asos cross bracelet, F21 love bracelet & bangles, H&M cuff, F21 flower earrings, and a mix of rings.  I wasn’t lying when I said that I wear mostly gold! This outfit is similar to my post “my favorite kind of mint.” I love simple yet bold outfits like this.

I hope that you are all enjoying this lovely day so far!! Don’t forget to LIKE me on and subscribe to my youtube: myfashionloveaffair! 
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  1. Lovin' the yellow pants! xxx

  2. Love it my daughter got the same pant

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