BrushLove Makeup Brush Review

If you follow me on twitter, then you probably saw I posted a photo of some new make up brushes.  I loved BrushLove’s hair brushes so much that they sent me some of their makeup brushes to try out and review.  The brushes I have been using are from MAC and Sonia Kashuk.  I love all of them, but I’ve had them for awhile so it was nice to get some new ones to test out.  I decided to pick all of their brushes meant specifically for the face and not the eyes.
Some Info:
Their VOA brushes are all made with animal friendly materials.  The bristles are comprised of ultra-soft, two tone, premium synthetic fibers.  They are all makeup artist designed and developed.My Thoughts Both Pros & Cons:
I love the sleek design with the black and white handles, but it took some time for me to get used to the width.  All of my other brushes have small cylinder handles and I guess I have just been used to that.  It’s really just a personal preference though.  The powder, blush and contour brush were all super soft which I loved.  The powder brush is actually bigger and softer then the one I was currently using from Sonia Kashuk.  I felt like my powder went on much smoother and even, but because the bristles are so soft it seemed as though I had to apply a little more than usual.  This was my first time using a contour brush so I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but I like the size and it seemed to do the trick.

The foundation and concealer brushes are different from what I was currently using from MAC.  The concealer is much smaller and the foundation is actually wider and shaped a little differently.  Because of the shape and the handles, the white part got dirty really quickly.  Obviously that can be cleaned, but it’s a little pet peeve of mine.  I did like the foundation brush though and it seemed to apply everything evenly.  I liked using the concealer brush for little touch ups and blemishes during the day instead of using it for the initial application and under my eyes.

Would I Recommend:
Yes, but I think it really just comes down to personal preference.  It might take a little time getting used to the width of the handles or the softness, but they all do what they’re supposed to and I think their prices are just right.  I am no makeup artist so I am not super picky when it comes to beauty products as long as they’re affordable and work well for me. There’s always going to be something that I like and dislike about a product but if the good outweighs the bad then I think it’s worth trying.
My favorite would have to be the powder brush and I think using the concealer for touch ups is good too.  I carried a few of these with me in my makeup travel bag through out the day so they definitely came in handy.

Listed below is each individual brush with it’s price and direct link in case you want to learn a little bit more or try them out for yourself.

Thank you to BrushLove for sending me these!  You can follow them on twitter and facebook.

I hope you found this review helpful and if any of you decide to get them I would love to know your thoughts! Have a great day 🙂


*These brushes were sent to me for review and all opinions are my own.  This was not edited by any third parties.

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