Button Down Switch Up

Another day not being able to shoot outside!  I didn’t really dress for this rainy day.  I had no idea it was going to rain until I walked outside my house this morning.  I guess I should start paying more attention to the weather!  Since I found that amazing vintage necklace yesterday I wanted to wear it asap.  I recently bought this button down crop top from H&M and I knew that it would go perfect together.  Usually when I wear button downs, they’re longer length and I almost always wear it tucked in, sleeves rolled up and the first 2 buttons undone.  But this time, I went with a little bit more of a preppy look.  I buttoned it all the way up and left the sleeves down to my wrists.

I’m wearing my skinny black pants also from H&M, bakers wedges, studded clutch and a few rings.  This look is simple but a little different than I what normally do. I really love the metallic color of this top.  My only complaint is the material.  It gets wrinkled so fast.  I swear I need a pocket steamer or something! I keep buying these tops that are super hard to iron.

Today at the store I did a little styling with 2 different pieces that we have so that I could shown the various wears of wearing them.  I wanted to share it with you guys.  This is a FEEL THE PIECE cardigan and a MISS FINCH button down.

A lot of people don’t think to belt their cardigans and they could look really cute paired with leggings or a skirt.  They are also really cute tied up to the waist. You know by now how much I love button downs and their versatility.  Whether you tie it at the waist, wear it long over some skinnies, or tuck it in with sleeves rolled up, there’s just so many ways.  So I hope this gave you some ideas!  Enjoy the rest of this rainy night.  Happy Friday lovies. XO.


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