Casual Fridays In My Fridays

This was such a great week for me.  I’m still on a high from fashion week.  I’ve been searching the net to see if I find any pics that were taken of me haha. If you see any let me know!  I’m excited for the weekend and I’m sure you all are to.  I’m going out today but made my outfit really casual.  I wore this to work and the only difference is my lipstick color!  Earlier today I was wearing Creme Cup by MAC and tonight I have on Rebel by MAC.  It’s a new shade that I got and I love it.  I wasn’t able to do a shoot this afternoon so I took some quick pics outside in my backyard.  Hope you like!!

I found this shirt at H&M and it was the last one left AND it was my size.  It wasn’t even in the right spot.  I love the print and mix of colors.  It’ so cute the way it goes off the shoulder.  I actually had to pull it down a little bit to keep it from popping back up. I paired it with my dark H&M skinnies that are oh so comfy.  These are my wedges that I ordered from ShoeDazzle and their name is actually “Friday” haha.  They fit perfect and are so easy to walk in.  The height is 5 inches and it doesn’t even feel like it.  Every time I wear shoes from ShoeDazzle people can’t believe that they were only $39! 

I went kind of light on the accessories.  Wearing my father’s wedding band again, double finger cross ring and my gold finger ring that bends when my finger does.  I have on hanging earrings and my belt wrap around bracelet.  I’m using my H&M shoulder bag.  I think the lip color really made the outfit stand out more.  Here’s a pic I took of myself earlier today with the lighter lip shade.
I’m about to head out now but I wanted to make sure I posted this tonight since I didn’t post anything yesterday! Enjoy your night lovies!! 
xx Naty 

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