Casual Nights

Happy Sunday loves!  I hope that you all had a great weekend.  My plans switched up a little bit & I wasn’t able to do everything that I was hoping to.  I did get to celebrate my friend’s birthday last night though which was fun but I didn’t get a pic of my outfit 🙁

Friday night I went out to eat & it was really casual.  I wore my dark H&M skinnies with this long sleeve olive shirt that I tucked in slightly.  I wore my printed H&M scarf like a snood again.  I think I am going to wear it this way from now on.  I just like the effect that it gives my outfits.  I put on this thin leather belt from Urban Outfitters. I haven’t worn a belt with jeans in awhile so I wanted to switch it up a little bit.

I put on my over the knee boots from Mandee. I love them. Every one has been asking me where I got these & how much they cost.  They were $50 and I bought them a couple of months ago so I don’t think they’re still in the store, but you never know.  I definitely suggest getting a pair if you find them though.  One of the best purchases I ever made. 
 I used a clutch that I got awhile back from Charlotte Russe.  I forget I have this sometimes but it’s really cute.  My accessories were just this wrap around belt bracelet & rustic stone ring. 
I just really want to thank all of you again for checking out my blog posts on a daily basis.  I know there’s other fashion blogs with professional photos.  I am hoping to have better quality pics of my outfits, but for now I’m doing the best with what I have.  I appreciate everyone that takes the time to click on my links!  
Another thing that I am thinking of doing is adding a store on here with a few items that I will be selling. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to get this done so I will keep you updated!! xo  

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