Christmas Recap

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas!  It’s hard to believe that it came and went so quickly.    I seriously could not have asked for a better one.  For me, it’s not about receiving gifts, it’s about giving them and seeing the joy in my mother’s face as she opens up her presents.  It’s crazy how when children are young, their parents can’t wait to see them open up their presents.  It’s about that excitement in their eyes and the genuine happiness in their smiles.  But as children get older, we can’t wait to see that same excitement and happiness in our parents as we watch them open up our presents.  The list of what I want gets shorter each year as I truly have all that I need already.  It’s about being with my family and loved ones and creating more of those special moments and memories.  
The holidays are always so difficult for us without my father and I miss seeing his smile now more than ever.  But it reminds me to cherish my mother even more while she is still here.  I am very thankful for having such a close relationship with her as she really has become my best friend.  I’m also very thankful for my sister who has become my best friend too.  Growing up we did not always get along or see eye to eye as our personalities are completely different.  As we have gotten older, we have learned to appreciate each other.  Every year on Christmas my father said that all he wanted as his present was for us to get along and be good to each other.  He reminded us that when him and my mom are long gone, all we would have left is each other.  And he was right.  Each year we get closer and closer and it makes me very happy.  I call her my “sister friend.”
I just wanted to share some photos from Christmas Eve in the city & Christmas Day like I always do.  Hope you enjoy!
We went to see the tree in Rockefeller Center and had dinner at a wine bar. This has been a 3 year tradition so far and I absolutely love it!  On Christmas Day we went to my Aunt’s house for dinner.  Here’s a quick shoot of what I wore: red lace dress from H&M.
Merry & Bright <3 
Happy Weekend loves! 

  1. Naty, you looked great! That dress is gorgeous! Please check out my latest post on Christmas Eve. Felices Pascuas!!

  2. I love Christmas and what a lovely red dress!


  3. Sounds like a truly incredible Christmas!

  4. Oh! I miss your Mom's spirit. I will never forget how open and warm she was with me at your event at Short Hills Mall.

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