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Hey babes! It’s a colorful Wednesday on the blog today.  I know that midweek can be a drag for some people, so try brightening up your day with some color 🙂
I hope this gives you a little inspo on what to wear for a special event/occasion this summer!
Dress: Keepsake C/O beauxx/ Shoes: Forever21 (similar style)/ Earrings: C/O Lola Blue
I am in love with the colors on this dress and the mirror floral print.  It’s so pretty and vibrant making this very girly but fun at the same time.  The length and style makes it a great option for a special occasion.  It’s classy, chic, and definitely a stand out piece.  I especially love that it has a little bit of an open back giving it some sex appeal too.  There’s lots of other fab dresses at that are perfect for parties and events!
I decided to bring out the blue with my shoes and went with simple accessories since the dress pretty much speaks for itself.  I borrowed my mother’s rings to add a little touch of elegance.  I really love the purple stone. It was windy when we took these so don’t mind the crazy hair in some of these pics!I have some new projects that I am working on so I will be sharing that with you all soon. I am really excited and thankful. Things are going to start getting pretty hectic for me and I need to be super organized so that I can stay on top of everything. I would love to get some of your tips on what you do to stay organized!XO

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  1. beautiful dress. love the colors!


  2. Amazing pics! LOVE the dress!!


  3. Love the dress beautiful
    Can you please check my blog and maybe follow back, thanx

  4. I'm in love with that dress, it looks so perfect with those heels!

  5. LOVE those colors on you! you look gorge!

    Heart of Chic

  6. So cute! I love this dress!


  7. You look amazing! That dress is everything! SO GORG!


  8. Naty is smokin!

    <3 Kali
    Kali Now Living

  9. Dab

    Oh that dress is beautiful, you just look amazing and real hot …,I love the colour combination…very cute ..

  10. Gorge dress

  11. This is so such a gorgeous dress! The paneling ads such a subtle hint of gorgeous and your styling is perfect. Great post xo

  12. I love your hair in these photos! It looks like you have an amazing blowout. And this dress is gorgeous. The color are fabulous and you look so chic and classy

  13. such a beautiful look !
    visit my blog :

  14. I love this dress so much it is summer perfection in white!

  15. ❤ Your blog, beauty!
    Follow me and I will follow u back!

  16. Beautiful dress! You look great!

  17. Love the way this dress emphasizes your curves. I put absolutely everything in my iCal, including setting alarms for mundane things like watering plants. Because when I'm really busy with work stuff, it's amazing what I'll forget to do if my phone doesn't remind me. I also use to-do lists on especially busy days. Teuxdeux is great. The main thing is to establish a system and really stick to it, be really faithful about conforming to it. Then you can trust the system instead of worrying you're forgetting something. So, when I'm at a non-business lunch and need to remember to add something to my calendar, I scroll it on a note pad

  18. Hey,
    great pictures and sweet outfit.
    This dress is amazing.

  19. I love the colour on the dress too! create a to do list the night before of everything you intend to achieve and tick them off as you accomplish them.


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