Combat Boots & A Bun

Happy Monday!  It’s the start of a new a week and I’m feeling really good!  I wasn’t going to post my outfit today, but decided last minute that I would for you guys.  I think it’s good to show different ways of wearing something so that you can get more use of it.  This top is from Siwy and one of my favorites, mostly because it’s comfortable and it’s one of those versatile items that you can do a lot with.  The sun is beaming today but there’s still a chill in the air.  I thought this was a perfect outfit for this type of weather.


The last time I wore this top I wore it over leggings with wedges.  This time I dressed it down by tying it at the bottom and pairing it with basic leggings and my combat boots.  It’s been a little while since I wore these boots and I was in the mood to take them out of my closet today.  To add a little more to this look, I put my hair in a big bun and then put on one of my headbands.  It funked it up a bit.

I didn’t have much to do this afternoon besides run a couple of errands, and then I stopped by MAC to pick up a new lipstick shade.  I remember when I was more obsessed with lipgloss, but lately I’ve been more into lipstick.  I got this bright coral shade called Full Speed and it’s perfect for the spring/summer.  I love it! It looks more pink in this photo but it’s not in person.

I’m getting my workout on tonight at my friend’s zumba class! Can’t wait 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the day!


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