First I want to say that I loved all of the entries that I got!  You ladies really put a lot of effort into sending me these photos and telling me about the inspiration behind your outfits.  Some of you wrote a lot and I wanted to make sure that I included it all.  Thank you so much for taking the time to do it.  I honestly liked each of your photos and for different reasons so below your entry I put what I loved.  I was really torn on who I wanted the winner to be and I asked a few of my friends for their opinions too.  I wanted to judge partially on the outfit, partially on the inspiration behind it and also if I was inspired by it!  So listed below are everyone’s entries, and then of course the winner!! This will not be my last contest, so make sure to enter again in the future for your chance to win some goodies from me! And again, thanks so much to all who entered!



 I was inspired to wear this after reading your post on your new years eve outfit. I loved the one shoulder look but was afraid that I was too short to wear it. After seeing how fantastic you looked I decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with. 🙂
I’m so happy that my outfit inspired you to rock this because you look fab girl! Love how you put this all together and the statement ring was a nice added touch with your accessories.  Definitely an outfit that I would wear. This a great color on you too! 
Hi Naty! I have SO MANY outfits that you inspired but I narrowed it down to three, I couldn’t just send you one, lol! I swear every time I have trouble deciding what to wear I just take a look at your blog and it ALWAYS helps 🙂  

In my first photo I’m wearing a pair of booties that I ordered from Shoedazzle. I love them now but at first I wasn’t too crazy about them because I ordered them thinking they were Taupe color but when I received them they were more of a greenish color so I wasn’t sure what I could wear them with. When I saw your blog post, “Wooden Heels & Scarf Versatility” I remembered I had an old scarf that would match perfect with my new booties, and it did. 
In my second photo I have on a headband that is mostly purple but it has some teal in it as well, the same exact color of my shirt. I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple and just wore black jeans and black wedges from Bakers. This outfit was inspired by your “Edgy in Red” post where you had a headband on and you match it with the rest of our outfit.
In my third outfit I matched my boots with my belt and I had on a plain white shirt with jeans but I felt like it was missing something and I saw your “Pink Delight” post and I just added a pink scarf and I thought it completed the outfit perfectly. 
Thanks for always sharing all your outfits, they really help me put my outfits together!!! 
XOXO Andrea
I’m so happy that my blog has been able to help you with your outfits so much and I really appreciate your support! All of these pics are so cute.  You wear simple outfits but know how to add a little something extra to make them stand out, just like me! I think my favorite look out of the three is the one on the left! I like how you matched the shoes and scarf and left the top neutral. Love those earrings too! And I have those over the knee boots.. aren’t they the best?! 

Well, hello there lady! You should know me by now, I think I must like all your posts and pictures. TY for being a trendsetter especially a budget friendly one. Not too many fashion bloggers are budget friendly & actually shop in stores that everyone can shop in.
 Anyways, this picture you might of seen in instagram but this is one of my favorite outfits. I am not a girlie girl whatsoever! I use to not care how I dressed or anything- just recently I picked up on fashion.
As much as I am not a girlie girl this outfit fits me right- its some cute high waisted h&m tan shorts, blue & white striped h&m button down with aldo nude wedges. Hot pink mani & pedi – some safari bangles, wedding ring & a big flower ring.  I just wanted to feel comfortable, cute & me at the same time & this was the end result!
I don’t have any other great picture but hope this will do.
You definitely show me so much love and I appreciate it very much! You’re such a cutie.  I really like that you went out of your comfort zone a little bit by dressing more “girly” but you still made it fit YOU and that’s the most important thing! You always have to be comfortable in the clothes you wear.  I’m loving the arm candy and those are great shorts! I have a similar pair and they can be paired with so many things! 

Hi! My name is Fanny & I just admire you and the way you dress! This picture resembles my triumph! I had twins in 2010 and they are my miracle babies because me and my hubby couldn’t have kids. I have lost almost 40 pounds in 6 months! I was inspired to wear these two looks I put them together myself! These 2 outfits really meant a lot to me because I felt very confident about me and my body after my weight loss. It made me feel proud of myself and especially when I was able to fit into the leather leggings. It was an amazing feeling when I put them on and I saw there was no struggle needed to be made lol. Hope you like!  Thank you for the opportunity!
I loved the inspiration behind your outfits and congratulations on the weight loss and most importantly, your miracle babies!! That is such an amazing blessing.  You look great girl and I would have never known that you had twins!  I think that leather leggings are awesome and a great way to add some edge to an outfit.  I like how in the photo to the left you kept it a little funky and the one on the right you made it a little more feminine with the button down shirt.  Great booties too! 

Hey, Naty! 
First of all just wanted to say that I have been following your blog since day one! I’m a huge fan and I love all your posts! 

When I read about your contest, I knew I would love to enter and share some of my inspirational & signature pieces. A huge fashion inspiration is Khole Kardashian Odom. I love how she is curvy, but still always manages to look classy and fashion foward. She always have a effortless rocker vibe, which lately I have been into. On the pictures below, I have a purple tank top that I got at Forever 21, with a I love H81 jean vest also from Forever 21. The jeggings are from Zara which are super form fitting. I recently purchased Jeffrey Campell Spiked Litas and they are extremely comfortable. It goes great with this outfit and gives this look a “rocker” vibe. Since I have statement shoes, I have my clutch from Mandees and my Michael Kors silver watch that was given to me for Christmas. Since makeup is the finishing touches on any look, I didn’t want to try to over due it, so I love this Makeup Forever shadow in #92 which is a “dirty purple”. I love to color the apples of my cheek with Nars “Deep Throat” to give me a flushed look with some shimmer, and I keep my lips nude & shinny with MAC “Hue” and “Naked” lipgloss from Victoria Secret. I love how this look came together and has a little “Khole Kardashian” vibe. I wish you much more success on your blog and you will always have a loyal follower in me! 
xo! – Maria Bermudez
Follow her on Instagram- x0_bermudez

Thanks for the support girl! I love that Khloe is your fashion icon because Kourtney is one of mine! I like how you added in your makeup because you were the only who mentioned that!  The spiked Litas and cut off denim vest were great pieces for this outfit and I think you really achieved the “rocker” look that you were going for.  You put pieces together that not every one would think to do and I really like that.  Super cute. You owned it! 


Hi Naty!I had an interview today and I wanted to wear something different, not your average black suit that I’m used to wearing.
 So I went to Mandee and picked up this cute polka dot top that has a sheer design in the back and I wore my beige bandeau underneath. I also wore my Calvin Klein light beige blazer to bring out the polka dots. This was kind of a  short shirt for me since I don’t normally wear this but I fell in love with it since it ties in the front and I know that is in lately based on some of your posts and other fashion trends I have seen in the stores and online. I picked up this Black high waisted skirt that fit just right and right above the knee and I decided to wear my J Lo dark beige pumps because they are very comfy and they matched perfectly with the mini purse I wore today which I have had for years and decided to bring it back to life. I realized you can always bring an old-school hand bag or clutch back to life since trends are often changing.
 I also got these new accessories at Mandee I am absolutely in love with my BIG ring it matched perfectly with my new little necklace it was really simple but cute I didn’t want to look like I was going to the club since it was an interview, but I wanted to have cute accessories and it went perfectly with my bangle that I have had for years which I love as well. I also picked up those new earrings not sure what color accessories this is I would say a rustic gold, but I happen to like it a lot. I am clearly not a fashion connoisseur but i do love to read your blog as well as other fashion blogs and I am always interested in changing things up doing something different or standing out a bit. I decided I’m dedicating 2012 to ME so fashion will be a big part/change for me this year!
Best of luck to all the ladies that sent in images, can’t wait to see them 🙂
 Yosely Maldonado
Follow her on twitter @Favors_and_More & @_MissYosi_

First of all, I hope the interview went well!  I really like that you tried something different because you easily could have gone with a simple black suit and you didn’t.  I love that you matched the blazer with the polka dots in your shirt and all of the accessories were a great finishing touch.  I think it’s great inspiration that you are focused on dedicating this new year to you and trying different things when it comes to fashion. That’s exactly how you find your own personal style!  I really like how you put this all together and I think you did a great job with this! You look fab.


Hello Doll! 

So excited to be part of your contest! 🙂 
I’ve attached the photo with a little collage of the whole ensemble. Unfortunately i didnt capture my infamous arm candy but ill be sure to keep it in mind for your future contests. 🙂
I know the rules were someone or trend that inspired your look… My look in this case was inspired by my favorite season, Spring! I love the fact that its cool enough to still wear fun boots but warm enough to expose your legs a bit! This dress was perfect for the day’s activities, walking the lovely streets of Brooklyn so i had to wear something comfortable but of course something trendy. I LOVEEEE my cowboy boots, especially since after 2 years they finally look beat up and well worn in. Accompanied by a 3/4 sleeve navy and white striped dress. Cant forget my favorite manicure which was featured in Glamour Magazine as one of their favorite mani’s! 🙂 So that pretty sums up my look. Fun, Spring, Striped dress with some boots! 🙂 My Instagram is @ari_says.
Congrats on being my contest winner!  Now I can explain why you were my first pick!  I thought this was so cute! I fell in love with your cowboy boots and how you paired them with this dress, because honestly that isn’t something that I have thought about doing before and you really pulled it off.  This look inspired me to want to get myself a pair of similar boots so I can experiment with them!  I like that you were inspired by Spring but didn’t make your outfit super feminine.  The boots just had a really nice effect with the dress.  This is such a great transition outfit from winter into the warmer weather.  The manicure and necklace were also great additions to add a little pop of color.. something that I love to do.  I really just loved everything about this.  You look great! 🙂 

 That concludes my first contest! I thought that I would get more entries but I think I would have been too confused on who to pick! I hope you all liked these entries as much as I did! Stay tuned for more contests in the future….
 Lots of LOVE! xx


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