Cotton’s Welcome Reception

I was not lying when I said that I have a lot to post from Miami! I hate playing catch up on my blog, but I just have way too many pics to put in just one post so I hope you continue to enjoy my Miami experience the rest of this week.
The first night in Miami, Cotton held a welcome reception up on the hotel roof.  It was amazing.  Such great company, beautiful view, food & drinks, and lots of blogging/fashion convos.  The highlight of that night for me though and from the entire trip, was my video interview and photo shoot for!  Words really don’t express how amazing this opportunity was and I am still very thankful for each of you who helped me get there!
My big moment with! I was so nervous! Cannot wait till they post it up.  I will definitely share on my blog 🙂


Part of the rooftop.  Loved the little lounge area.
Inside the hotel lobby with Emily (South East) & Sazan (South)


Sazan & Grant.  Love them!


I got to meet the fashion influencer for the North East, Keiko Lynn. She was really sweet and I got the chance to speak with her a lot about blogging.
Emily, Hallie (West), Keiko, Me & Sazan


I didn’t really get to take many pics of the food, but I loved these!


With my new fave, Grant!  Totally going to visit him in Chicago!
Grant & Emily 🙂
With 4 of the other style setters, just missing Hallie in this pic!  We were a great group!
Being silly with the girls after the reception 🙂
I also got to meet and chat with one of my favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules.  I didn’t get pics with her on the first night but I will post those ones soon! Once the reception was over, all of the style setters went out on the strip.  Such a fun night and wish I could go back!
More to come…
  1. Yay excited for Miami week on your blog!! Looks like am amazing experince for you…so thrilled that you won & were able to get the exposure, Xoox

  2. Awww, such a fun time! Glad you enjoyed yourself, chica! You deserve it!


  3. So glad you had this opportunity and that you share it with us. Xo

  4. Congrats again on your win Naty! So,so,so happy for you! Amazing!

    Love this outfit btw!!! You look amazing!



  5. Looks like such a blast!! I love the shorts you're wearing – very glam!

  6. Thats s exciting! Congrats!

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