Day & Night: Pink & Black

When I start wearing a new color, I have a habit of buying all these other clothes that are the same or a similar shade.  I swear I do it subconsciously though! My theme for this weekend was Pink & Black.  I didn’t plan on it but that’s how it worked out.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was actually a little warm outside (such a tease for January!) I had to go out for a few different things and I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather.  I didn’t even wear a jacket yesterday.  I put on my high waisted skinny black pants, pink button down from H&M, and my Shoedazzle spike flats “Lita”. I’ve got on my MK watch, JC ring, H&M bracelet and my glasses 🙂 I wore very little makeup.  I don’t like wearing that much during the day.

While I was out, I found these amazing pink trousers from H&M and I actually got them 50% off 🙂  There’s nothing like finding a great piece for an even greater price and they were the last ones in my size. They fit AMAZING!  I honestly don’t have another pair of pants that fit like this.  They go right to my ankles too which is great because I’m so short and don’t have to worry about hemming them 🙂

I had recently bought this black Zara top and I wanted to find something different that I could pair it with.  You can’t really see it in the pictures, but the sleeves are puffy.  It’s similar to the green Zara dress I wore Christmas Eve.  I had a housewarming party to go to last night and I wanted to take advantage of being out and get dressed up.  So I decided to wear the pants & top 🙂

My accessories are my MK watch, gold finger ring, black & gold shoulder bag from Forever21, and these gold chandelier type earrings. My shoes are from Shoedazzle, the ones I’ve posted before with black stones on the heels “Mirage”. 
Yesterday was a great day.  I got a lot of compliments on my new trousers 🙂 and on this blog!  I love knowing that so many different people are checking out my posts daily & getting inspired to try new things.  I hope that you all enjoyed this beautiful weekend!! xx

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