Dress Up Your Tee

Outfit Details 
Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Aeropostale (here) / Shoes: Zara (similar style)
Bag: olivia + joy (here) / Bracelet: Capwell (here) / Sunglasses: Rivet & Sway (here)
Happy Friday loves!  
For today’s post, I just wanted to share a fun way to dress up a simple tee. Whenever I go shopping, I always seem to find more bottoms than tops.  I’m not really sure why that is but I think I am just a little bit more picky when it comes to shirts.  I’ve been trying to sort through all of my clothes lately and couldn’t believe that the majority of my closet is made up of dresses, pants and skirts.  That’s pretty much the main reason I rework a lot of the same tops into different looks.  I tend to buy more of the simpler ones that I know I can get much more use out of and it doesn’t get much simpler than a solid colored tee!  The styling options are truly endless.  Since it’s such a casual piece, I just wanted to show it’s versatility by pairing it with this dressier floral print skirt. I think adding a bunch of different solid colored tees into your wardrobe this season will be a great way to mix & match many outfits.  White and black tees are definite must-haves, but I would also try to include at least 2-3 other bold colors. 🙂
Cheers to a fun & safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!
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  1. Dab

    This is really beautiful, fresh and bold colors is making the outfit look really cool , the t-shirt is just perfectly paired with that skirt ;you look cute babe, ….all in all ,i absolutely adore this..
    Dab <3

  2. So beautiful…I love the colors together


  3. Liz

    Super cute outfit. I love the springy colors and the strappy heels.


  4. Love the outfit and post as I can totally relate. I have more bottoms than tops and just recently I bought a couple of solid color t-shirts bc I needed more tops. It really does make a difference. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. God Bless you. ~Ruthy

    • At least I'm not the only one! lol Thanks so much girl and happy weekend xo

  5. I feel ya girl, finding tops is so much harder than dresses and skirt. Great idea buying basic tops.Love how you styled this top here. I love the colour and cute skirt.

  6. That's so funny, I'm the exact opposite! I have like 10 bottoms and like 100 tops! I have to be like okay…you need more bottoms! Lol. This is so cute, I love the Bethany Mota skirt!! xo

    • lol! it's so funny how that happens. hopefully you'll find more bottoms and I'll find more tops 🙂 xo

  7. Very pretty! Love the print of this skirt. I definitely have more dresses than anything else in my closet.

  8. I love it! so fresh and colorful 😀


  9. Love this look! The colors are so beautiful! BTW Just saw your pics in Cosmo, you looked GORGEOUS!!


  10. Such a cute outfit! Looking fab!

  11. What a cute look! I find it interesting how you own more bottoms than tops because it's usually the other way around for women. In my fashion fundamentals class we that the average woman owns eight pair of pants. Anyways, the outfit is adorable. I'm in love with the floral skirt. I also love that you paired neutral accessories with the outfit. 🙂

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