First let me just say THANK YOU so much for all of the birthday wishes.  I really appreciate it!

Last night was the shopping party at 50 Dynamite stores across Canada and the US.  This was my first time checking out their store and I honestly loved it.  I kept asking them to open up more locations in New Jersey and I really hope that they do because I can see myself shopping there often.  They have really chic and edgy trendy pieces at a great price point.  There were so many items for both the working woman and the party girl.  I had a lot of fun meeting everyone and playing dress up! Here are some photos from the event at the Staten Island Mall 🙂

Dress: H&M/ Booties: Target/ Belt: Forever21

I wanted to wear something cute but also comfy, so I paired this dress with my favorite booties.

Thank you so much to Linda for coming out and for my beautiful birthday gift! Love the ring, you are too sweet! 
All the gift bags for the shoppers 🙂
This was all part of my “blogger certified” rack.  I absolutely loved this printed dress!  
It really is! 🙂
So great meeting Samantha from Style App.  You are adorbs!  Thanks so much for coming out!
Playing dress up in my favorite piece! Took this baby home 🙂 
Everyone was so sweet!
My cutie pie mother, the woman behind the camera!  She came out to support and take photos for me.  She seriously is the best and I am so very thankful for her and her unconditional love and support.  Thank you mom!
Thanks so much to Dynamite for including me as a host.  It was a fun night of shopping! 
Now please open up more stores in Jersey 🙂 
Happy Weekend

  1. Dab

    Babe you look gorgeous, the colour of the dress is very bright and reviving,and suiting you darn well…,and over that you are simply beautiful ,
    The store seems to have the perfect outfit for every one, hope you had fun , thanks for sharing,…

    • You are so amazing 🙂 thank you love xo

    • Dab

      Am addicted to you and your blog…xoxo!!

  2. WOW this is amazing! congrats love! you're mom is so sweet! you're extremely lucky! love all the pictures, you are a truly beautiful person inside and out!

    • Thank you so much sweetie! My mom really is the best. So very thankful for her 🙂

  3. you look fantastatic! and it seems that you had a great time:)x


  4. I love your style and your blog dear.
    Do you wanna follow each other?


  5. You look so gorgeous Naty. Where did you purchase the dress? I'd love to have one of those.

  6. That is soo cool that you got to go! 🙂 Love the black dress with the gold zipper.

    Maggie A

  7. Hi dear! Your blog is just amazing and beautiful visit my blog if you want !

  8. I would just like to tell you how much I love your blog I just discovered it recently and I'm hooked. I was wondering if you had any advice for me, I want to start my own fashion blog and I'm having trouble coming up with a name. I would appreciate any advice you have to give me thanks. 🙂

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