Fashion Blogger Business Cards!

I am super happy that my business cards came in this morning!
 I have learned recently how important it is as a fashion blogger to have business cards, especially if this is something that you take seriously. They are great for networking at events and you just never know who you are going to meet at any time.  I got really tired of telling people my blog link.  Most people forget and they need a physical reminder. You should always have these on you.  This blog has been able to jump start my fashion career and now that so many opportunities are starting to happen I knew I needed to get these.  This is my first batch and I made them on .  I decided to go with the slim ones instead of the regular size cards. The total cost for 250 cards plus shipping came out to only $32 which was great.  You are able to customize them any way that you want so next time I will switch them up. You can also view them in a 360 degree preview before ordering.
I actually learned a lot about making these from fellow blogger Lil Bits Of Chic so thank you so much for your post about business cards.  It helped me out so much!  I didn’t know if I wanted to add a photo of myself or not since my outfits are constantly changing, so I decided to use this one because it shows a little bit of my style and also makes me look like I am deep in thought just like a blogger 🙂
I added my email which is super important as well as my instagram since I have a big following.  I decided to add my Facebook link too.  Since all of my other social network sites are listed on my blog’s home page I didn’t include them, plus I didn’t want to put too many things.  So here are my cards and I hope this post helps you out if you decide to get some made!
The Front
I just went with similar font to my logo and kept the color scheme.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the heart uploaded in good quality.


The back
I wanted the most important information here along with my photo.


So what do you think? 🙂
  1. Looks really good!!! I ordered mine a few weeks ago too, I love them! These a designed very brilliantly! I'd hire you!

  2. Love it; I am thinking of getting some. Thanks for posting this…:)

  3. It's a great idea! It is so so well decorated!

  4. It looks great! So professional! I'm making business cards for mines soon!

  5. i think its a great idea and they came out looking so prof and great.

  6. Such a good idea 🙂 I'm actually getting mine done and will soon share them!. I'm now following you!!

    – J

  7. They look good!! 🙂 What a great idea! 🙂

  8. I love them!! They look great!! I'm so glad the post helped out 🙂 I know I struggled when I was making mine so whatever I could do to help another blogger makes me 🙂


  9. Thats so cool:-), Love it!

  10. Really really cute!!

  11. They look really nice, simple and professional! You've inspired me to finally get some done. Let's just see how much longer it's going to take lol.
    Btw I've been following 🙂

  12. heyyy you are so beautiful, nice blog 😀
    blogwalking here. mind to follow each others? ^^


  13. Actually I think it is a great idea. i am a graphic designer so I will probably create some business card with my portfolio link in it =)

  14. Congrats on the great idea… They look awesome and I believe they perfectly represent what you want to put out there, wishing you always the best of luck!!

  15. looks great Naty!


  16. The look pretty good, but why didn't you put your twitter info on there girl???

    xo Purple Paparazzi

    • Because for me instagram is more beneficial and I don't use twitter very much. Besides as soon as someone comes to my blog my twitter is listed on one of the top tabs. You don't need to list every social network site if they are all accessible through your blog home page 🙂

  17. awww i love your card concept..really cute:-)

  18. Hey Naty!!

    I really like the overall design of the cards, colour scheme is super feminine & pretty. Also you chose a great photo of yourself to put on, tribals are so incredibly popular right now!

    Just a tip though, maybe for your next batch go with a local printing shop, they come out looking a lot more professional. I get hundreds of business cards a year and not many stand out because they cheap out on printers. With a local printer you can add texture to your cards (mine are ribbed) as well as quality imaging and fonts. Also, it may be a good idea to have your logo professionally designed & copyrighted. This can all be done for a couple hundred dollars.

    I see big things coming for you Naty, you're a huge inspiration 🙂

  19. Love this idea!! your blog is so inspiring 🙂 keep it up!

  20. look professional…i am Order Business Cards for me soon..thanks for the tips.

  21. Perfectly designed business plastic cards for people related to fashion industry, Waseem i think you should go for it…

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