Fashion’s Night Out

This was my second year attending Fashion’s Night Out and it was crazy! I had such a great time and I’m so happy that I went.  This year I stayed in SoHo and went to a bunch of different stores down there on Mercer Street with fellow bloggers JohnnyBell and Jason.  Fashionistas and bloggers took over the streets. I definitely can’t wait till next year and I need to remember to bring a pair of flats!
I wore printed pants and a white blazer from Forever21, Target tank, Mandee shoes, vintage bag and red lips.  I wanted to stand out and I knew this outfit would make a statement.
The first stop was at UGGS and they threw a great event.  They had a DJ, mini hors d’oeuvre & treats, and lots of champagne.  They also had a photographer taking pics and printing out the photos.



One of the highlights of my night was getting to meet the sweet and lovely fashion blogger Aimee Song from SongOfStyle at Joes Jeans!  I absolutely love her style and we were both rocking our blazers the same way 🙂  I was able to talk with her for a couple of minutes and she said she loved my outfit and iphone case.  Definitely made me smile!  I also gave her my business card so hopefully, she can check out my blog!
Giving her my card 🙂
Another highlight was getting to meet the beautiful Nicole Warne from GaryPepperVintage.  I fell in love with her Australian accent.  I was lucky enough to get some really good advice from her about blogging.  She made a great point that to make sure that when shops send me pieces to wear, that it’s something I would buy myself because whatever I wear and post on my blog is something that I am endorsing… I couldn’t agree more!  It’s great to get free merchandise, but still stay true to your own style.  She was truly a sweetheart and I gave her my card too 🙂


We went over to Paige Denim to check out Leandra Medine from TheManRepeller (one of my favorite bloggers) but we literally missed her by a half hour! We also stopped by Helmut Lang, Kate Spade and a few others!
Looks like someone had a great FNO! lol When you do what you love, it’s hard not to smile!
I hope you all enjoyed last night as much as I did, and if you missed out, there’s always next year!
  1. so excited for you! maybe one year i'll get to go!


  2. nice pictures! in love with your printed pants!!

  3. You looked beautiful as usual. I absolutely love a red lip on you! I will definitely go to FNO next year, hopefully with you and Johnybell 🙂


  4. Great pics! I too will hopefully make it next yr. As usual you looked fab!


  5. You looked great and i love you blog

  6. Looks like a ton of fun! Those pants are crazy but you rocked them.

  7. you look so beautiful and adore your pants! lovely outfit 🙂 XO

  8. aww you two look so hot and fab!! I say this to myself all the time, wish we lived in the same city!!! Crazy that you met Song of Style and I met her duo, Sincerely Jules! we are so close, yet so far!

    Love you!

  9. in rome fashion night is only going to be next week!can't wait to attend:) you looked perfectly! x

  10. I like the outfit you chose 🙂

  11. Awesome pictures! I wish I didn't have school so I could go and stay out late.
    Have fun tonight!

  12. Diva and great advice you got from nicole I couldn't agree more. You and johnny looked fantastic, love it!

  13. Love your outfit for Fashion Night Out you look great!

  14. wow!i love these photos!

    xoxo from rome

  15. Love your blazer!!!! 🙂 hey how did you get the icons on your business cards?

  16. You are too cute! Those pants are stunning! sounds like you had a great time for FNO and were able to go to a bunch of different stores! I went to the FNO in St. Louis at Neiman Marcus, so it was a tad smaller but just an all-around good time!

    Kathryn & Rita

  17. Love this outfit! So perfect for a night all about Fashion. I am glad you had a wonderful time…:)

    Raliat O.

  18. you look great!

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