Flowers In Bloom.

What a gorgeous day!! Spring time is definitely in the air and I am totally taking advantage.  It’s super windy though but I’m loving the breeze.  I received so much great feedback yesterday on my outfit post between my facebook, instagram and pinterest accounts so thanks so much you guys!!

I don’t know about any of you, but dressing up a little bit and adding some color to my ensemble instantly puts me in a good mood.  So sometimes, even on low key days when I don’t have a whole lot to do, I’ll throw on a pair of heels.  That’s exactly what I did today.  I was able to take some shots at the park so I hope that you like them! 🙂

I’m dressed very girly today.  I have on a sheer floral top with little buttons on the sleeves that I found at Forever21.  I was never really that much into floral print.  But I have been seeing flowers everywhere and lately I have been more drawn to them.  I paired it with these skinny colored jeans that are also from Forever21. I love this color!

I’m wearing mary jane platform pumps that were an amazing find at Mandee.  These shoes are so comfortable and I love the thick high heel.  For only $34, these were a great purchase!  I’m so happy I found them because I am super obsessed.

I found this clutch at Mandee and it goes perfect.  It’s the same shade just a little brighter so I like the effect it has on this outfit.  It also comes with a thin gold chain so I can wear it as a shoulder bag too.  I have on the choker chain necklace that I wore yesterday.  I love it so much.  I’ve got on these big flower earrings that I think I got from H&M, along with these rings and suede charm bracelet.  My nails match too but it was unintentional.  I’m wearing Watermelon by Essie.  And my lipgloss is Pink Poodle from MAC.

I tried to shoot without my shades on but I couldn’t stop squinting 🙁  The sun was beaming in my eyes and this wind had my hair all over the place lol but it was fun shooting at the park.  I’m on the look out for new sunglasses too.  I found my oversized Marc Jacobs one but I’m just more into the aviator style now!  I should probably switch it up though.  Anyway, I hope that you all get outside today and enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts!! 
XO Naty <3 
  1. Love love.
    Question: Do you live in Bogota? That park looks familiar.

  2. Ay nice, I knew it. I need to go to your house and take your whole closet. LOL, but I am so glad I found a local fashion blogger. Kuddos to you girl – I love the simplicity of your outfits and how you are a local bargain shopper! Now when I am stumping over what to wear I can just come on here & get some ideas. Thanks!!!

  3. what color is tbe skinnys? Wine? Rust? Tomato?

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