For The Love Of Long Coats

Finally, a new style post! I know that these last few weeks my content has sort of been a bit all over the place. I’ve been sharing more of my life lately moments, but I am slowly getting back into my normal posting routine. I am curious though, how do you guys feel about these lifestyle posts? Would love to know if this is content that you enjoy reading. I do plan to have lots of new style, travel, and beauty coming to you very soon though! 😉

Outfit Details
Coat: H&M | Jeans: Bebe | Sweater: H&M | Heels: [old, similar] | Clutch: ClareV
Beanie: H&M [similar] | Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere


I wore these jeans several times last year, but towards the end of 2016 they got so tight on me that I could barely get them on. Buttoning was not an option. It’s always a discouraging feeling for me when I can no longer wear something that I love. After being so consistent this last month and a half, I decided to try them on again and guess what, they fit! Progress. I loved the idea of pairing them with black, camel and leopard. I got this coat last week and quickly gravitated towards this color. It’s definitely one of my favorites for the winter season. Side note: Without purposely doing so, my sweater and beanie matched exactly. 😂

So here’s the deal. I’m a petite girl with a love for long coats and I can’t stop wearing them.  I actually just got another new one that’s almost to my ankles. You’ve seen me style them with heels, booties and even sneakers because let’s face it, they look good with everything. While I should probably put my height into consideration when wearing certain things, I don’t always do this. I refuse to let my height restrict me. Maybe some will think, “Oh, that makes her look so short!” and that’s totally fine if they do. I mean I AM 4’11 and sometimes I am just not focused on wearing things that make me look taller. I honestly just focus on wearing what I love and finding pieces that fit my own personal style, whatever they may be. It makes me happy. I often get asked if I have any tips for styling petites and my answer is always trial and error. There are of course some tips and tricks and not everything will work or look good on someone who is short WITH a shorter torso [like me] but I say play around with different styles until you find what works best for YOU. I am not a fan of style rules. Do any of my fellow petites feel me on this? 🙋🏻

Thanks for stopping by!

-Get The Look-

  1. I love your lifestyle posts! They are so genuine + real + that’s so refreshing to see, especially in blogging. I am right there with you with the long coats too! I am 5’2” + will STILL rock a long coat! {Just added an oversized trench to my spring wardrobe! :)}

    • Naty

      That makes me so happy girl! Thank you so much for saying that. I love that you love them! And yay for petites with long coats! xo

  2. Abril

    I loved this outfit since I saw it yesterday on Instagram . I’m curious to know how tall are you ? I didn’t know you are petite too!!
    The color palette

    • Naty

      Aw yay thanks girl! I am only 4’11!!

  3. Liv

    Love the pop of leopard!


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