Friday Fun

Ahhh the weekend begins!  I had so much fun today at the store.  I did my first video blog with Suite201 and I will be putting it at the end of this post so you guys can check it out!  Alina, Kayla and I each talked about our favorite items in the store and I talked about the Siwy shoulder cut out top I recently wore.  It was really funny because they both did it in one take and I kept messing up haha.  But I think in the end I did good 🙂

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot with my mom today but I did get a few pics in my outfit. I was feeling a little edgier today so I went with an almost all black look.  I have on my leather jacket from H&M and Bakers wedges.  I feel like I wear these almost every day to the store because they are extremely comfortable!  Definitely a great purchase.

I’ve got on my legging style pants with zippers from H&M paired with this black & white tribal shirt from Forever21.  
The cool thing about this shirt is that the back is all black and see through with buttons at the top.  This isn’t a great pic but you get the idea.  It also falls off the shoulder a little bit which I like. 

I wore my Ray-Bans of course and MK watch with Suite201 leather bracelet.  I have on my long feather necklace that is either from Forever21 or H&M, I can’t remember.  For some reason I was having a hard time finding an outfit today.  I think that I am starting to get pickier with what I wear but this was a real simple look. 
Now here is Suite201’s video blog!! Try to watch the whole thing if you can.  It’s only about 5 minutes and I come in around the 3:15 mark. Let me know what you think! 🙂 

Enjoy the weekend loves! xx


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