Fringe And Knee Rips

So much fringe I feel like I have wings!  I mean seriously, look at all of that.  I had so much fun wearing this jacket though.  It is most definitely a statement piece.  It’s funny, whenever I go out to shoot, especially in pieces like this, people passing by look at me like I am crazy.  Don’t they know that fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself? 😉

What I’m Wearing

Jacket: Shop Priceless [similar style] | Sweater: Forever21 | Jeans: TopShop

Shoes: Prima Donna | Bag: Prima Donna | Hat: H&M

Fringe has been one of my favorite fashion trends for a while now and I don’t see it fading away any time soon.  I have been wanting a jacket like this for a long time and ended up getting it back in the beginning of November.  I actually wore this in my birthday post, but the details of the jacket weren’t very visible.  I decided to bring it out again for a new look before the winter weather comes. By the way, Happy 1st Day Of Winter. [boooooo]

As you can see, I was not lying in yesterday’s post when I said that I have been going through a camel colored phase.  I especially love pairing it with black on black.  No surprise there!  I liked the combination of the fringe and knee rips with my wide brim hat. It gave this look an edgier vibe, but the classic black pumps added in that chic factor.  By the way, if I wear these jeans one more time I think that they are going to walk away by themselves.  I’m noticing lately that my style is becoming a bit more minimal.  I used to wear all of these crazy prints and while I still love a good printed piece, I’m currently gravitating more towards simplicity.  Let’s see how long this lasts! 

 I know this week is super hectic with Christmas on Friday, but I am going to try and get up one or two more posts, including a new Life Chats. Good luck with all of your last minute shopping. 🙂


    I'm in love with your blog. XOXO

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