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I was such a geek in grammar school and I got made fun of a lot, especially because I wore braces and huge glasses.  It was definitely my awkward phase!  I remember when I got contacts for the first time and I swore off glasses forever.  Little did I know back in the 5th grade that the glasses I was wearing would become such a statement piece in fashion today.  

Blazer: H&M (also love) / Top: Forever21 (similar
Jeans: Dittos (similar) / Shoes: Aldo (similar) / Glasses: Rivet & Sway c/o 
 Earrings: Daisy Gem (use code CCA10) / Bag: Galian (here) c/o
Necklace: Furor Moda 

Have I mentioned that I’m over winter?  Probably a ton of times.  I am totally channeling the spring season with this look so just pretend that the snow behind me is not there! lol A go to look for me is a pair of distressed denim with a blazer, two of my staple items.  I actually like when I lose count of how many times I’ve worn something, like these jeans.  They’ve really helped me get through this winter.  I decided to pair them with this blazer that I got back in September and I think only wore once before.  I love the cut of it and of course the fact that it’s white since it can be styled with numerous things.  I decided to play up on the winter whites a bit more with these pumps and this studded bag that I adore.  It’s a great statement piece and helps make this simple look stand out.

To be completely honest, I never thought that I would wear frames like these.  I have always stuck to the typical black and neutral colors so this was a little out of my comfort zone.  But just as I have learned to experiment with my outfits, I am trying to do the same with my accessories.  I think that adding a pair of glasses, whether optical or sunnies, is the best way to complete any look and these definitely sealed the deal!  They surprisingly matched perfectly with this top too.  I’ll be going into more detail about these next week along with more frames from Rivet & Sway!

I hope your day is a stylish one!

  1. I love your bag!!! and those frames are super cool!

  2. Great ootd Naty! I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out my blog: I am new to blogging and I'm not really sure how to get myself out there more and meet other bloggers. I have been following you ever since you were featured on FashionBomb Daily's site & I have feel in love with your sense of style ever since. Continue being an inspiration to many!

    • Thank you so much love and for following along this whole time! I really appreciate it. I will definitely check out your blog! You just have to take advantage of all social media channels and promote your daily posts. It's also a great way to network with other bloggers too. I used IFB a lot when I first started blogging as it was a really great tool. Going to events is also important because you end up meeting so many people. xoxo

    • Thank you for the great advice! I will definitely do so.

  3. You look super cute! 🙂

  4. You look super cute!

  5. So chic and sweet! Love the glasses, you look adorable!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  6. AMAZING! you look stunning! Really! 🙂 And you remind me of Mona from PLL 🙂 Erika's Life

  7. The hints of that aqua blue tie in very nicely with your top and I love that white and gold bag!

  8. Dab

    You are looking very gorgeous and decent too babe, those glassess are truly a statement in today's fashion,the white hint is working great with everything , and complimenting the blue so well, you look really very cute ,lots of love

  9. lovely outfit. Those glasses look great on you! I was a definite "nerd" type of girl and totally had awkward phases. Maybe a lot! haha

  10. These glasses are so cool!! 😀

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  12. …. gorge frames

  13. I just love your style!!

  14. You look absolutely dazzling! Now that fall is full swing and it's getting cooler, I'm going to need these gorgeous outfit inspirations tailored for seasonal transitions. Anyway, you're really working those glasses and top! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely style. I hope everyone is having a great fall!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

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