What a crazy weekend!! Last night I went to this amazing place in the city called Beauty & Essex.  Their food is so good and they have really great drinks.  Such a fun time.  Later in the night I ended up at Hotel Chantell.  I needed a night like that 🙂

I was able to take some shots right at sunset last night and when the train by my house was passing by.  It gave the photos a nice effect!

I was searching high and low (no pun intended) for a high low skirt.  I found this one at Forever21 and fell in love with it.  It was only $17.  I decided to pair it with this floral tunic from H&M.  It’s similar to the coral one I wore last weekend but this one is sheer. As you can see I have been wearing a lot of florals!  It’s such a big trend for spring.  

I used my black & gold H&M belt to bring everything together.  I have on my mary jane platforms.  I’m so sad that they got a little dirty last night.  I am hoping they can get cleaned up because there’s no more of these at the store.  I used my coral clutch from Mandee but this time took out the gold chain so I could wear it over my shoulder.  

My accessories are all gold as you can see.  Love this cuff chain bracelet that I got! And finally, my coral lips!  Full Speed from MAC.  How do you feel about the high low skirts?  They’re so much fun to wear it’s like you’re getting 2 different looks from the front and back.   
Hope you liked! 
  1. Great Style..:) I found you on Lookbook.

    Feel free to visit me…

    • Thank you so much! I will check out your blog!

  2. Very cute! I snagged a skirt like that at F21. Urban Outfitters is selling them too (but their prices were NOT pretty, lol)

    • thanks!! haha I know, I love UO but sometimes I just can't go in that store lol

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