Holiday Gift Guide: For HIM

 This post is really different from what I normally do but I thought it would be a fun idea!  I recently did a post on my top 10 gift picks for fearless fashionista, but decided to do one here just for the fellas.  Since holiday shopping is about to commence this weekend, I thought now would be the perfect time.   We all have a special man in our lives whether it be a significant other, father, brother, best friend, co-worker, etc. and sometimes it can be difficult trying to figure out the best gifts to get them.  So hopefully my little holiday gift guide will come in handy.  I think there is something for everyone.

Let’s start out with some basics.  I’ve always loved getting both a practical gift and a special gift 🙂
This is not your typical undershirt.  They’re known for their tailored stretch technology and are guaranteed to stay tucked in.  They are made with a super-thin micro modal fabric and have a stream lined fit.  My sister is actually getting one for her boyfriend.  Hopefully he doesn’t see this post lol 
Every Christmas when I asked my father what he wanted, he literally always said undershirts.  I wish I knew about these when he was still here.  He would have loved them. 
Here are a few other great options for basics from Tommy John:
I don’t think that I have ever met a man who didn’t love a wristwatch.  In fact, some men actually collect watches and look at them as investment pieces. They’re classic and such a great statement piece to wear on a daily basis.  When taken care of, they can last a really long time.  

As amazing as Rolex and Breitling are, not everyone can afford them.  There are definitely many other great options for a fraction of the price, like this Michael Kors one which is part of the Watch Hunger Stop collection.  For every sale of the 100 series watch, 100 meals will be delivered to children in need.  I loved this idea so just wanted to share!
Here are some other affordable watch options:
Tech Gifts 
Men love tech gifts.  There is always something new and innovative on the market and this season there are so many options to choose from.  You are sure to find something that he will obsess over. 
While searching for gift ideas, I came across this wireless bluetooth speaker.  It’s about an inch larger than the iPhone 5S and it will blast your music from any bluetooth-enabled device for up to 15 hours on one charge.  Since it’s portable, he can take it anywhere he goes. It’s customizable in any color and also comes with a built-in mic so he can even record his own videos and music.  Pretty cool idea I must say!
Here are some other tech gifts:

One of the many things we remember about a man is their scent.  It doesn’t matter how much time goes by or where we might be, if someone walks into a room wearing the same cologne as them, they instantly come into our thoughts.  
One of my friends says that this is a really great scent.  He says it’s full of “class.”  It’s described as a “new, woody aromatic fragrance for today’s modern man.” I haven’t smelled this myself, but I am going to take his word for it!  I read some really great reviews on it too.
  Here are a few other great cologne options: 
Shaving Kit 
“Movember” is almost over so pretty soon there will be a ton of men shaving their mustache and beards.  And even if they didn’t take part this month, a shaving kit will always come in handy.

This is one of the gifts that I featured on Fearless Fashionista.  It comes with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a pure badger shaving brush.  Pretty efficient I think! 
MISC. Gift Ideas 
With these sunglasses, there is no need for him to bring along a case.  He can fold them up and toss them in his shirt pocket!

If he likes to ride bikes, then this is the perfect gadget for him.  This works on any phone and is super easy to use.  It could be a great stocking stuffer.
I thought this was super cool and definitely a unique gift idea. Basically, Trunk Club curates a free box of hand selected clothing for him based on a live chat with a stylist.  Once the trunk arrives and he tries on the clothes, he can decide what he wants to keep and send back.  A credit card will only be charged for the items that he keeps.  Prices can range from $100-$300.  So you can set him up with his first trunk! This is perfect for the man who hates to shop. 
I hope this helps give you a couple of ideas! 
  1. Dab

    Oh perfect gift collection for the man you love, and your man can never be moody about it ….lol..
    But its an awesome idea , I will definately try it …thank you for sharing doll…
    Dab ..xoxo!!

  2. Great ideas Naty! love that iphone on the bike one!

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