How To Crush Your Daily Goals

We are only one week into 2017, but I have to say that I’ve been feeling really great so far.  I owe that to changing my mentality when it comes to certain things.  I’ve always been a self-driven and motivated person, but last year I went through way too many ruts that I
allowed to consume me. It set me back in many aspects. If you read my 2017 message, then you know one of the main things I have been doing lately is waking up every morning with a new resolution and goal for that specific day.  It’s all part of the process to becoming a better me.  It’s only been a short period of time so far, but I have found this to be way more effective than setting monthly goals or yearly resolutions. It forces me to hold myself more accountable and my goals feel more realistic and attainable.

Now, I am not talking about creating a general To-Do list for a day full of running errands or checking emails.  I’m talking about personal goals to help you grow and get better every
single day. As an example, here are some of my current daily goals: Wake up earlier, get my workout in, eat clean, do not work from the bed, focus on the positive, go to sleep earlier. I can truthfully say that I’ve done all of these things this week and I just feel really good about it.  So here’s the truth. No matter what I write in this post, the only way that you can achieve your goals is if YOU put in the work.  I know that you can. I believe that you can. My hope is that this can inspire and motivate you in some way to just get shit done.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s do this.


Focus On Today 

The biggest game changer for me has been focusing on Today. Let go of yesterday and don’t worry too much about tomorrow.  I found myself getting so overwhelmed with the things that I did not do the day before and the things that I still wanted to do tomorrow.  It was exhausting!  This often led to a mixture of disappointment, frustration and even failure. I have truly been treating every single day like a fresh start. Isn’t that what we should be doing anyway? It’s honestly this small change in mentality that can make such a big difference in your life.

Write Down Small Daily Goals WITH An Action Plan 

I think an issue that we face is writing down our biggest goals with no action plan. The goal itself is not what’s important, it’s HOW you are going to achieve it. Otherwise, it’s literally just a bunch of words on a piece of paper or the memo app on your iPhone with zero
accountability. We think so much about that end goal, but not the things that we need to do each day to get there. Let me give you an example. Staying consistent with my fitness has always been a constant struggle because honestly, I was not holding myself accountable enough.  This past week I started up the BBG workout program again and this time I WILL finish it. Let me tell you how. I started keeping a fitness journal, it’s actually the notebook that I am holding in the photo. Every day I am tracking my workouts, what I am going to eat, the time I am going to workout, etc. When I wake up every day, my thought process is no longer generalized, it’s specific. It’s a game plan.  I have a daily goal WITH the action that I need to take in order to achieve it. All of this will keep bringing me closer to that big end goal.

Stop Making Excuses 

We all make excuses for ourselves at some point or another.  I think sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. We say we are too tired or we don’t have enough time, but I do believe we make time for the things that are important to us. I know that we all have completely different lifestyles, but regardless of that we can all make some improvements in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves that extra push. Maybe it means waking up earlier in the day, maybe it means putting in a few additional hours of work, or maybe it means saying No to certain things so that you can start saying Yes to your goals. My biggest excuse all of last year was, “I’m too tired” and this led to pure laziness in my personal life. I was too tired because I was going to sleep late and not waking up early enough, so then I found myself getting frustrated during the day to accomplish everything, which made me even more tired. I stopped making this excuse and I decided to do something about it. Let me tell you, I feel good. Start letting go of bad habits.

More Positive Influence, Less Negativity 

I touched on this a little before, but surrounding yourself with daily positive influence is so essential.  It’s actually crazy how easy it is to be negative and how much harder it is to be positive. I think of negative energy like a black hole. It sucks you in and makes it extremely difficult to navigate your way out. Negative people are black holes. You know that saying, misery loves company? It’s true. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked in. If you hang out with friends that are constantly bad mouthing others or are full of complaints, then guess what will slowly happen to you?  You’re going to get sucked into that mentality. You need to surround yourself with positive energy and uplifting words to keep you inspired and motivated each day. This is a huge reason why I started listening to podcasts, whether it’s from daily sermons or motivational people that literally put some fire into my heart and soul for the day. They get me so amped up that I feel like I can do anything. And guess what?  I can. So can you.

I seriously hope that this post was helpful.  I hope that it motivates you to start creating daily goals that you can crush. What are some ways that you make sure you achieve your goals? Sound off in the comments below! 💛

  1. great post Naty! I will have to try this , i agree that with daily goals it would be a lot more attainable and less stressful. Take it one day at a time. i have a lot of negative influence around me and I am going to have to stop letting it get to me and think more positively. thanks for the 2017 daily Goal boost!

    • Naty

      Thank you so much Keoshia! Let me know how it goes for you! xo

  2. Elibanessa

    This is an awsome and influEncIAl goal.. thank you for The words this was me In 2016 -!; dEfInitely loOking for a Better way to staRt this year.. but definitrly agree goals should be short terms iN order to accomplish. Its all about time and to try to take advanTaGe each day at it time. All the negative vIbe keep it off your shoulder. Keep working and thank u for inspiring. @elibanessa_x

    • Naty

      I think we can always look for new ways to start fresh 🙂 I hope that this will be successful for you moving forward! ANd yes, shake off those negative vibes! <3

  3. Working from bed is definitely what I need to change asap! It only makes me feel lazy and I don’t get as much done! Thanks for a reminder, Naty!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


    • Naty

      Oh girl I did that too much the last few months of 2016 and all it did was contribute more to my rut. Changing this and working from my office every day again has been very successful!

  4. Loved this post and I absolutely agree that goals should be written down and that anything negative should be out of your life 🙂 <3

    • Naty

      Yay that makes me so happy Jackie! Just make sure that when you write them down that you write an action plan along with each goal! Let me know how it works out for you!

  5. I needed this! thanks for sharing!
    xo, j

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