It’s A Girl!!

Today’s post is extra special because…. 

My sissy is having a girl!! I recently announced her pregnancy and could not wait to share the gender.  This baby girl is such a huge blessing for my family and I cannot wait to meet my niece.  Since my sister is not as into taking photos or posting to social media like me [boooo] I decided to do something different and special to announce this.  Shooting with balloons in the wind was a struggle, but so much fun! I totally channelled my inner child. 😉

It’s hard to put into words what we are all feeling right now.  This is my only sister and it’s her first child.  It’s my mom’s first time being a grandma and my first time being an aunt.  I am also going to be the Godmother and I am so honored! It’s definitely very hard not having our father here for this physically, but I know that he is watching over us and must be beaming with happiness.  He is now a grandpa too and this baby is going to have an incredible Guardian Angel! We are all overflowing with joy.  She is going to be so incredibly loved.  I know that my sister and brother-in-law are going to be amazing parents.  They make such a good team and they’ve got so much support from our family.

I’ve seen my sister go through so much over the past five years and it’s just amazing to see all of her dreams coming true at once.  All of her struggles have led her to this very moment.  It makes my heart smile to know that she is happy.  She has wanted to be a mother for such a long time now and I know that she is going to be a great one.  So much is changing in all of our lives and now we have someone else to think about and put first.  I know that she is not my baby, but as her aunt I want to be an amazing role model for her and I want to give her all that I can.  So many of my friends who have nieces or nephews say that being an aunt made a huge impact on their lives and that it’s one of the best feelings in the world.  I just want her to know that she can always count on me and that I will always be there for her.  I do not know what the future holds for me.  There is still plenty of time for me to have a family of my own.  But for now, I am enjoying this moment for my sister and for me too. 🙂 

I already started shopping for her and I can’t stop!  She is going to be the best dressed baby on the block.  I can’t wait for her to call me “Cool Aunt Naty” [lol] Well, I hope she calls me that.  Her name has already been picked out, but my sister will not let me announce it yet. However, I can say that it’s beautiful and has a very special meaning.  I love it and can’t wait to share.  I’m excited to be planning the baby shower too!  Since my sister didn’t have a huge wedding or a bridal shower, this baby shower is going to be a big one.  If any of you have any tips for planning this, please feel free to share!  I have already created a pinterest board [of course] but I welcome any ideas that could help me out.

 I am beyond thrilled for this new chapter in our lives and it makes me even more thankful for my family.  Congratulations to my sister and her husband! I cannot wait to meet your beautiful baby girl. I promise to be an amazing aunt.  I love you!! <3 

  1. Yay!!! We need more girls in this world. Congrats, Tia Naty!

  2. Yay!!! We need more girls in this world. Congrats, Tia Naty!

  3. congrats love you so!!

  4. Congratulations! Being an aunt is the best feeling ever. I have a niece who is 2 and a nephew who turns 10 months tomorrow. They bring so much joy to my life when I get to see them their excitement to see me makes me gush! I love them so much, I saw this quote and I'm sure you'll like it, "ser Tia es amar a alguien que no es tuyo pero a Quien tu corazon le pertence"

    • Aww thank you so much for that! 🙂 I am so excited! xo

  5. Dab

    Hey my rock girl, congratulations to you and your sissy and her family and your family… Lol, Am being madly happy for you my love. I just can't exactly express to you of how am feeling 😀 <3,let me tell you your mumma is too gorgeous to be a grandma, :-), God bless your sister. I myself have a nephew who is 3 years old, let me tell you an aunt is a second mother plus a best Friend to a nice or a nephew, fulfilling their demands and making them extremely naughty yet securing them at the same time. You are going to be the best aunt ever, the baby girl is going to be very lucky she'll be having you as an aunt..
    Sending you and your family lots of love
    Dab (Damini) <3xoxo,l

    • Hi my love! Thank you so much! I can't wait to meet her. You are the sweetest and I will tell my mom that you said that. It will make her smile! 🙂 So much love to you <3

    • Dab

      Please do tell her, love you too… <3

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