Keeping it Casual

I’ve had some girls ask me how they can dress casual to do low key things but still be trendy & fashionable.  Honestly, you could throw on a pair of sweats and still make it look good if you really wanted to.  A lot of times I’ll put on a pair of leggings with my combat boots & a long tee or sweater.  I’ll throw on a few accessories and that’s it.  It’s not so much what you have on, but how you choose to wear it. Make it your own.

Yesterday was a real chill day for me.  I had to go out for a little bit but nothing too crazy.  I did not want to do my hair again, so the perfect alternative was throwing it up in a messy bun 🙂 and since I got that tribal head wrap on friday I thought it would be a nice touch to put that on as well.  I went with a completely different color scheme opting for something more neutral & toned down.  I’m obsessed with my rustic over the knee boots & hooded leather jacket so I put those on again too.  I really need to start wearing warmer coats though, it’s starting to get really cold out! 
I’m wearing my loose fitted tee from H&M tucked into a pair of dark skinny jeans with my favorite belt. I didn’t want to do much with any accessories, so I just put on my matching ring, small earrings & of course the finishing touch with my Ray-Bans.  I never leave home without them.
I also did my nails this weekend & I think this is a great color for the winter.  It’s called CARRY ON by Essie. With all the new colors coming out it’s so hard for me to commit to just one! I switch up my nails every couple of days.
I will definitely post more casual looks for you guys later on. 🙂 


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