Keeping It Funky

It’s kind of a gloomy Saturday so I decided to brighten it up a little bit with some red!  My outfit today is kind of funky and I had a lot of fun shooting outside in it.  I feel like I channeled a few different people today to get the inspiration for my outfit but I don’t really know who if that makes any sense! lol I guess you guys can tell me if it reminds you of anyone in particular.  Literally my entire outfit is from H&M except the wedges, surprise surprise.  I curled my hair last night & slept on it so today it was nice and wavy.  It added another cool effect to this look.
I’m wearing my red skinnies.  Absolutely love these.  A few girls told me that they couldn’t find them but the last time I went to H&M, which was this week, they were still there.  So I hope you are able to get them! I’ve got on a long sleeve black sweater.  It’s sort of see through and it’s a little bit longer in the back.  Very cozy and comfortable.  
I saw this hat and there were only 2 left.  At first I was a little bit hesitant about getting it, but when I tried it on the entire outfit for today just popped in my head.  It just gave this look a whole new feel.  I think it has a little euro vibe going on.  I’m using my studded fringe shoulder bag.  Another obsession of mine.  My accessories are MK watch, Suite201 leather bracelet, thrifted necklace, gold finger ring and a square black ring.  I’ve also got on small gold earrings which you can’t really see.  

I swear I have other shoes, but this week I just couldn’t get enough of these wedges!  The height is 5 inches so it makes me look so much taller 🙂 I ordered a similar pair in taupe that should be coming in this week so I am excited.  I’m wearing Russian Red from MAC.  Sometimes I just want to wear red lipstick everyday!  I’m actually going to MAC this week to try out some new shades.  
This was actually a real simple look, but something a little different for me.  I like thinking outside the box and getting pieces that can switch up my entire look.  If I didn’t wear this hat, my outfit would not have had the same effect.  So again, it’s those little things that make a difference!  I always say that accessories can make your whole outfit and it’s so true.
 Happy Saturday dolls! xoxo 


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