Keeping Warm in Style.

Winter is definitely on it’s way, but you can still keep warm & be fashionable at the same time.  One of the best things to wear during this time are over the knee boots.  This pair has faux fur on the inside & makes my legs nice & toasty 🙂 They’re from Mandee.  They were a little more expensive than their usual prices but most definitely worth it. I suggest getting a pair or even knee length.  Those are great too.  Another winter fashion accessory that will actually keep your ears from getting frostbitten on those brutal cold nights are knit headbands & headwraps.  They come in so many different styles and are very trendy.  This one I’m wearing is from H&M and I think it was only $5. I am going to be getting a lot more of these this season for sure.


I’m wearing skinny jeans from Forever21, a tan sweater & my rustic brown faux leather jacket. Again, I put on Pink Poodle lipglass for some extra color.  Besides the headband my only other accessories are these 2 rings from Forever21 and H&M, earrings from Aldo and my shoulder bag.
I put this together quickly, but it does the trick! These boots do wonders, I’m telling you.  It brings a completely different effect to your outfit than a shorter length boot.  I forgot to mention before that you can also fold them down to make them knee length.  So you can wear them either way.
Here are some other cute  headbands/headwraps that you can get at stores like H&M, Forever21, etc.



These really add a lot to your outfit.  If you normally shy away from brighter hues then try getting the lime green or pink to brighten up your outfits in a more subtle way.  I’ll be posting other outfits/accessories & ways to keep warm in style later on in the season. <3
  1. Love the head wraps. I was actually looking for some now that the weather is chilly and I like to keep my ears warm. Now I know to head to H&M to get myself a few. Love the boots too. I don't know how boots that high would look on me though. Not sure of I can pull that off. The earth tones look great. You know I'm pretty low key when it comes to colors.

  2. Thanks 🙂 You should try them out! The cool thing about these boots that I forgot to mention is you can fold them down so they are knee length. So you can wear them either way. Since you wear more neutral/light colors you should try getting one of the headbands in a brighter tone. Let me know if you do!

  3. I <3 Winter just for this reason I love to wear jackets and nice sweaters, Boots are my favorite! and of course I love to be warm! My only issue us my big curly hair what can I use to not flatten my curls in the winter??.

  4. I love this jacket. I'm in the market for one myself.
    tan leather jackets for men

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