Lace-Up Sweaters For The Win!

Hi my loves! I have to admit, these last two weeks I’ve been so behind on producing
content. I am usually one step ahead of the game, but lately there’s been so many set backs
getting in the way. Of course when I finally upgrade my lens I am not able to shoot the way that I want.  Go figure. Things are starting to settle down though, so my goal is to get back on track by next week.  I think that this time of year is always the craziest. I do have some new projects that are in the works, so I am excited for lots of new content coming soon! 😉

What I’m Wearing
Sweater: H&M (not online- see below) | Jeans: Parker Smith | Shoes: old, similar
Bag: LANY | Sunglasses: Forever21

I have been a huge fan of the lace-up trend for what feels like forever, so when I started seeing lace-up sweaters everywhere this season, I got a bit too happy about it. I’ve been searching for the perfect one and finally came across this one at my local H&M.  It’s
seriously so cozy and I’ve worn it three times since I purchased it last week. Don’t judge. 🙂
Unfortunately, I didn’t see this particular one on their website, but I did link a bunch of
other ones that I found online below.  I saw on Instagram that a lot of other girls have been on the hunt for one like this, so hopefully you find something you like! I need to stock up on a few more (or a lot more) for the season. I also need to get a lace-up sweater dress.  Isn’t #sweaterweather the absolute best? Chunky and oversized knits are my favorite.

On another note, I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is already next week.  It seriously crept up us on, huh?  I’m looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner more than ever
because I am going to be celebrating at two different houses with double the family.
Holidays have never been the same ever since my father passed away and if I am being
completely transparent, I’ve never genuinely been excited about them ever since he left.  This year though, I have my little niece to celebrate it with. She just turned 10 months over the weekend.  Don’t even get me started on Christmas. I can’t wait to see what she does with all her presents in front of her. I know that she will make this holiday season an
amazing one. Isn’t family time the best?!

Thanks for checking out today’s post! Would love to get your thoughts on the whole lace-up sweater trend. Which one below is your favorite?

  1. This sweater is so adorable!

    • Naty

      🙂 thanks so much!

  2. Jenelle

    Life just catches up with us sometimes! I know I feel like I have been posting less and less but learning more behind the scenes. All in good time hun.
    xx Jenelle

    • Naty

      It sure does girl! Love what you said though “learning more behind the scenes.” So true! xo

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