Brrr!! I think we are definitely feeling the cold this week.  I made a joke on facebook saying that I should throw on some thermals & a snow suit today and then post it on here.  I was actually half joking because if I had a snow suit I think I really would have worn it! I might even need to stock up on some thermals this winter too!  My next post will be how to rock thermals with leggings and booties lol. Just kidding 🙂
But in all seriousness, the best way to stay warm during these extremely cold days is to layer up!
The key though is to do enough to stay warm, but not too much that you look bulky and messy.  Unless it’s below 0 and you could care less what you look like 🙂

Here’s some different ways that you can layer up & still be fashionable!
If you’re going out for the night and need to dress up, you can still pile on the layers.  Try wearing a long sleeve dress with some stockings and booties.  On top of that, put on a long sleeve cardigan & a scarf.  Obviously you can take these items off when you get to your desired location.  Longer length coats are great for the winter and of course make sure to wear some gloves!!

For a daytime look, go with some skinny jeans & a long sleeve tee.  You can wear a faux fur vest over that with a snood to make sure your neck stays nice and warm.  Put on some thicker socks and knee length boots.  This will definitely keep the lower part of your body toasty.  Put on some gloves, hat, and a cozy coat! This is a real trendy look.

Another casual outfit to layer is a pair of leggings with knee high socks. But on a pair of combat style boots and then scrunch the socks down so they come just above the boots.  Put on a long sleeve shirt and then wear a sweater or long cardigan on top of that.  Wear it with a snood or scarf, and then try a long parka style coat.  Also wear a hat and gloves if necessary!

If you’re in the mood for some sweats and a hoodie, make sure to wear a pair of leggings under your pants.  Sweats can be really thin as you know and the cold air goes right through them.  Wear it with a long sleeve graphic tee, hoodie & scarf or snood.  I don’t wear uggs, but if that’s your style then you can pair them with those, or some sneakers like Jordans or Converse… whatever your preference! But wear some thick socks!! Gloves and a jacket too of course.

I’ve got to head into the city soon for dance class so I will most definitely be layering up tonight!! Stay toasty dolls xoxo


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