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It’s Good Friday and I can’t help but reflect on SO many different things right now.
It’s hard to go on with life every day and pretend that what’s happening in the world right now isn’t real. It’s very real and we can’t ignore it. I wrote a heartfelt caption on Instagram the other day in reference to this and unfortunately, it seems that most people didn’t take the time to read it. While I completely appreciate any comments and compliments, I just wish that more people would take a second to stop and read instead of just scrolling by,
especially in times like this. It really only takes a few minutes. I have to be honest. That is a huge pet peeve of mine. I want to be able to write more in depth captions than “Hey, this is my outfit“, but when I do, it’s rare for people to actually pay attention to it. I struggle with this because I think that some people want more out of bloggers than the surface layer on social media, but sometimes when we try to dig deeper, it isn’t always received in the ways that we hope. That’s why I decided to write it on here today instead.

In case you missed it, this is what I wrote earlier in the week on Instagram. 

Having a platform to share parts of my life with all of you is truly amazing. I love the
connection that I’ve been able to have with so many of you just by being more transparent and open about the things that you don’t see in my photos.  I want this to always be a space that’s positive, real, relatable and uplifting. That’s the kind of “influence” that I want to have on others. I sometimes struggle with whether or not to share my thoughts on all the tragedies that have been happening in our world. Many times I don’t say anything at all so the I don’t have to worry about getting too political or offending someone with my opinions and beliefs, but staying silent has only caused conflict in my heart. I actually feel like it’s not right for me to go on posting as normal without using my voice to spread some type of awareness. I always want to be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. What’s happening right now in Syria and in so many other parts of the world is truly devastating and heartbreaking. I was with my niece earlier today and kept thinking that I want to create a better tomorrow for her and everyone else. I want to help. I want to actively do something that can help create change. I’m trying to look into ways to do this beyond donations and prayer. If you have any information on any organizations or ways to do this please share! This is the time where we need more unity and less division. I love you all. 

I wrote this in the hopes to start a real conversation about what’s been going on every
single day. We need more dialogue about it. I wrote it in the hopes that we could all discuss ways to help and make change. We need to use our voices. I had been wanting to write and share something like this for awhile, but I was always hesitant. I didn’t know how it would be received or if people would even pay attention to it. When the chemical attack happened in Syria, I just knew that it was time to open up about it. My friend Daniela wrote something a few days before me on IG that was very similar, but she also focused on the political and economic crisis that has been happening right now in Venezuela. I honestly wasn’t very aware of all that was going on and her post helped to open up my eyes. I text her right away telling her that I loved her post and that it inspired me to finally write and share my own. Hopefully someone who actually read what I wrote would feel inspired to do the same. It becomes a chain reaction where we can all help to spread more awareness. Some people stay away from reading and watching the news. Some people don’t even have a full understanding of what has been happening. Just by reading posts like ours, it can influence someone to do a little bit of research. A reader who follows me on Instagram called it the butterfly effect, where small things become bigger things. That’s the hope. Speaking of Venezuela, Daniela shared some information on ways that you can help and donate with even just $1 via Venmo. Every little bit helps.

Over these last several years, I have worked really hard to dig deep and get personal on here. You know by now I want to share so much more than just my outfits because I AM way more than the outer shell. Hopefully a post like this one doesn’t seem as though it’s coming from left field because this is not “just a fashion blog.” I can’t always stay silent on topics like this anymore because what’s happening in our world affects all of us. I’m concerned. I care. I want to help. I don’t know exactly how to do that just yet besides donations and prayers, but I hope that by having deeper conversations about it, some type of solution can be formed. Maybe just by writing this post it is helping someone else to write theirs? I don’t know, but I would hope that it is. Let’s start lifting our voices and thinking more about the type of influence that we want to have on others.

So like I said in my IG caption above, if you have any information on any organizations or ways to help, please do share. I know that good deeds almost always go unnoticed as there is no need for us to publicly share every time we make a donation or volunteer. However in a situation like this, I would really love to hear about it as I’m sure one of your good deeds would inspire me and others to do more. I have so much love for all of you and I wish you and your families a beautiful Easter weekend. Spread a bit more kindness today and make sure you don’t just scroll by someone’s photo. Stop for a second to read what they have to say. ❤️


  1. Nomonde

    Hi Naty! Even though I am not a blogger yet (I do plan on becoming one soon though), I do feel that when I write about something close to my heart or anything going on in the world right now on social media, it doesn’t get the same amount of attention as my selfies or pics with friends. I totally feel your pain. In fact, many people experience this all the time. So instead of sharing what we really want to, we silence our voices and post picture after picture just to get attention and a boost of happiness that lasts a minute. I have fallen into this trap many times. This is incredibly frustrating but we need to realise that we cannot stop sharing the deeper parts of ourselves out of fear that we won’t get the attention we crave because if we do this, then we suffer. So keep shinning your light girl! Those that open their eyes will see it. 🙂

    • Naty

      Oh girl I completely agree and thank you so much for this comment! I just sometimes wish that people paid more attention to the words rather than just the photos. But regardless, we can’t silence our voices. You are so right. I hope you always continue to share the deeper parts of yourself and I will do the same! xoxo

  2. Carol

    Hi Naty, I just wanted to chime in that I appreciate your honest compassion for the people affected by the horrible things going on in the world. It’s so hard when there is pain and suffering and we feel helpless. Volunteering and donating are soooo good for the soul. And try not to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders 🙁 It can be too heavy.

    • Naty

      Hi Carol! Thanks so much for your comment and sweet words. I just wanted to make sure that I touched on this topic and spread some awareness. I agree, it’s a heavy weight to carry! I hope and pray for change for all of us. Sending love!

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