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This week was a bit rough on me as I had to deal with some set backs & letdowns.  Dealing with rejection or hearing the word “NO” is never easy to swallow.  It’s completely normal to initially feel like you’re not good enough, but in reality those rejections are actually a blessing in disguise.  When you want something and when you have your hopes up for it and then you don’t get it, it’s so easy to be upset about it.  It’s so easy to take it personal and to let it consume you. We tend to allow those rejections to affect us in a negative way.  The truth is, whether we are willing to accept it or not, is that when we don’t get what we want it only means something even better is about to come.  Sometimes not getting what we want is the blessing because for whatever reason it was not meant for us.  I know it’s way easier to say this than to actually believe it though.  

Earlier in the week a friend told me that she was very upset.  She had her hopes up and was so close to getting something that she really wanted and at the last minute it completely fell through and she was devastated.  My advice to her was, “Remember that when God doesn’t give us something that we want it just means that something better is waiting for us.  Allow yourself a certain amount of time to be upset and feel whatever you are feeling and then, you have to get out of it.”  This is what I do in similar situations.  I allow myself those initial moments to be upset or angry or to cry or whatever I need to feel in order to release it and move forward.  It’s funny because literally a few days after I had this conversation with her, I experienced some rejections of my own and to be completely honestly, I was not ok about it at first.  For me, my way of releasing is to cry.  Sometimes I hold things in for so long that when I do cry, it’s like I am literally letting go of every thing with each tear.  So, that is what I did.  And then, I had literally the same conversation with a different friend only this time the roles were reversed and she told me the exact same things that I had told my other friend.  She reminded me that something better was going to come.  In that moment, I just snapped out of it because it was a great reminder for me that I need to practice what I preach and believe in those things not just for other people, but for me too.  

We can get so caught up in being let down that we fail to see the bigger picture laid out before us.  What’s important though is that we are able to shake it off and keep on keeping on.  No matter who you are in life, no matter how talented or creative or beautiful or amazing, you are going to experience rejection at some point or another.  We are not always going to get what we want.  It is just one of those obstacles that we all have to go through and in the end, it just makes us stronger as long as you do not allow it to break you.  One thing that I am proud of about myself is that I am not a quitter.  While I of course have my moments of weakness like any other person, I never stop going after what I want, even if I might get a hundred NOs.  And you know what, when you end up getting that one YES, it all becomes so worth it.  Like I always say, everything happens in its own time when it’s supposed to and not a moment sooner.  

Whenever you go through any type of rejection in life, I hope you do your best to not be discouraged for too long.  Rejection does not mean that you have failed.  It does not mean that you are not good enough.  It only means that a bigger and a better door is about to open up for you.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post and I really do hope that you were able to relate. Happy weekend my loves. 

  1. so true! great words of advice dear xx

  2. Really needed to hear these words. Thanks

  3. Really needed to hear these words. Thanks

  4. I've been rejected a lot lately and I'm really really hoping something positive happens soon. Great post!

  5. Dab

    Great post babe , your words always works like magic over me .I needed this thanks a ton love

  6. Such great advice and a great reminder..thank for these post!

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