A Little DIY.

I seriously have creative ADD.  I need to be creating something all of the time or I get anxious.  But the problem is there is so much that I’m interested in and sometimes I overwhelm myself.  Lately my obsession has been looking for different DIY (do it yourself) projects.  I’ve been doing a lot of searching online for ones that are in some way related to fashion.  There’s two that I just did and I wanted to share them with you all.  It might be something of interest to you & maybe you can try them out too!

The first one is DIY SHELVES.  It’s so simple and literally takes 5 minutes.  All you need is a basket that you can find at Michaels, AC Moore or any other craft store. The size will depend on how much you want to put inside. Find a spot on your wall, hammer in a nail, and then place the basket on the nail so it hangs.  It’s that simple.

This was perfect for me because I have been running out of room for some of my scarves, hats & headbands.  And the basket actually looks really cute hanging up on my bedroom wall 🙂 But you can put so many different things in here like lotions & small perfume bottles, hair products, nail polishes, tank tops, anything!

The second one is DIY leather wrap bracelets.  I’ve posted before about arm candy and how stacking different bracelets on your wrist is on trend and very popular.  I’ve seen so many cute bracelets that I want but they’re either too expensive or I can never find them in the stores.  So why not make them?  Originally I wanted to make these a little bit different but I didn’t find all of the supplies I wanted at Michaels, so I just worked with what I could find.  
All you need is leather cord, waxed linen cord, crystal chain or brass ball chain and a hex nut.  The colors will depend on your preference and the sizes will vary according to your wrist.  For step by step instructions you can check them out here http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-wrap-bracelet/ 
Then I also made a braided leather bracelet and added a few charms to try something different.  I used to make charm bracelets awhile back and I actually had a few left over.  Here’s the finished result!
I really wanted to do the brass ball chain but they didn’t have it.  And I wasn’t really into the colors there either, so I did these and kept it neutral.  Not bad for my first try!
So what do you think?  Will you be trying either of these? 

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