A Little Sunshine

Happy Tuesday!! It’s such a beautiful day and I knew that I needed to take advantage of it.  I’m excited to say that I did a little shoot outside today with my mom.  She has a great camera and finally found a little bit of time to snap some shots of me in my outfit. I’ve done a lot of professional shoots but it was really fun shooting with my mom.  I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂  I am hoping that we can do this at least a few times a week so that I can have better quality photos on here.  Slowly but surely I will be revamping this blog!

Today I’ve got on dark blue skinnies and a boyfriend cardigan from Forever21.  The cardigan is actually a few years old and it’s one of those items that I’ve continuously held on to even though I don’t wear it often.  I love that it’s oversized and every so often if falls off the shoulder.  I do that unintentionally.  Underneath I’ve got on a tank from Target.  These lace up booties are from Mandee and I haven’t worn them in awhile either.

My accessories include a printed scarf, PEACE necklace, 2 rings from H&M, leather wrap around bracelet from Suite201, belt wrap around bracelet from H&M and this heart bracelet that I got at Nordstroms.  I tried to do a nice mix of colors today.  I also have on small gold rose studs and my shoulder bag is from H&M as well. 

Since I recently cut my hair a little bit my side bangs are shorter now, so I left them out and threw my hair up in a messy bun.  I’m wearing my Ray-Bans too.  I swear I have other sunglasses but my love for these runs deep.  This was a really casual outfit.  Nice and laid back. 
Hope you liked the new photos!! 🙂 Enjoy this warm weather my little fashionistas!! XX Naty <3 

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