Happy Friday beauties!  I hope that you all had a great week.  I wore this outfit this past Sunday out in the city for Sunday Funday.  It was such a beautiful fall day!
Top: C/O Adriana Marie/ Jeans: C/O Dittos
Jacket (here): Charlotte Russe/ Booties (here): Target
Hat: H&M/ Bag: C/O olivia + joy/ Bracelet: Mikay Love 
I love this shirt because of it’s dual message: Love What You Do & LOVE YOU.  
As most of you know, I worked somewhere for 4 years and was completely miserable every single day.  One of the worst feelings is to wake up each day feeling sick to your stomach because you have to go to a job that you hate.  For the first time in a long time, I feel genuinely happy.  I honestly wasn’t sure at one point if I would ever be.  This is why I’m always telling people to do what makes them happy and to not be afraid to take risks.  Life is just way too short to be miserable all of the time.  I truly hope that all of you are doing something that you love.  As cliche as it might be, it really is so important to love ourselves.  This is something else that I learned over the years.  Carrie Bradshaw said it best,
 “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.” 🙂
Adriana Marie is a designer who wanted to combine her passions for fashion, love, music and life by manifesting her thoughts and experiences and inspiring others.  Make sure to check out more of her designs! 
As for my outfit, I just wanted something a little casual and edgy.  I love these skinnies from Dittos and these booties and hat are my new obsession.  I know I am so short but I still have a love for big bags.  This color is gorgeous for fall too! As you can see I had a little fun playing with the leaves 🙂 

Have a fab weekend!

  1. such a cute outfit !
    visit my blog :

  2. That last picture is so perfect, I love the hat!!

  3. Dab

    Oh my god , that boots are so complementing the hat, your outfit is simple yet looks so gorgeous and edgy ,i love it …., and yes that last picture is my fav..
    Dab:-* <3

  4. chic outfit!!! xoxo)))

  5. Naty your just too cute! I looove your hat I need to get some for the fall. I'm hoping to one day reach my goals and follow my passions. I've been slowly going out of my comfort zone to reach out and network more. I'm happy now but I want to be happier knowing that I am doing something I truly love. I hope this makes sense. Anyway your an inspiration since I've been a reader of yours ever since you shared your photos from your cell phone lol, you really evolved into someone so beautiful and humble that I can't get enough of your style! I just needed to share a moment with you since I always wish the best for you. Keep it all up girl!
    lots of love

    • My fellow tiny tot! Thank you so much for your comment love it really made me smile! I definitely understand what you mean. You will definitely reach your goals just keep pushing forward and do your best to keep a positive mentality. Remember that timing is everything. It's hard to have patience sometimes but it's so important. Thank you so much for your continued support it means the world to me! xoxo

  6. i'm in love with your hat and booties!

  7. Love this outfit! Literally just bought that leather jacket from CR today. Great buy!

    XO Kay
    Fashionably Kay

  8. I happen to be one of those persons who wake up sick to my stomach because I have to go somewhere to do something that I do not enjoy for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Ugh! Nonetheless, I am grateful to have a job to fund what I love to do–shopping ;). It's a big different to leave what I'm doing now to risk it for something that I'd much rather do but not be able to financially sustain myself. It's a catch 22!

    • Oh girl I remember that feeling. You are absolutely right it's definitely a catch 22. Not everyone is able to go after their dreams full force because of finances. But timing is key and everything happens when it's supposed to. I hope that in the near future you will be able to do what you truly love! xo

  9. You look absolutely beautiful! LOVE your outfit! you put this together so nicely!

  10. gorgeous!!!

  11. I just got those booties last week and now I have an inspiration as how to style them. love it!

  12. Love this off-duty look!! Gorgeous hat too!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  13. That hat is just everything! love love love

  14. Awesome style, really like!!!

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