Metallic & Thigh Highs

I have been feeling a little uninspired since I got back from my trip.  I think it’s mostly due to the weather over here.  It’s been freezing, snowing, raining, etc.  All I’ve wanted to do is stay home and be in bed.  So bad.  So today I forced myself to get a little creative and try something different.







Jacket: C/O Romwe/ Skirt: Forever21/ Top: Target/ Thigh Highs: C/O VienneMilano
Glasses: GeekGoneChic/ Tights: H&M/ Booties: Steve Madden
I have been wanting to try thigh highs for awhile now.  It’s a trend that always seems to make its way back.  However I was always hesitant because they’re super sexy and I wanted to make sure I still looked classy. Vienne Milano is a luxury hosiery brand made in Italy.  Their thigh highs come with a silicone band making them super comfortable to wear.  When they reached out to me I knew it was my time to give it a try. You can obviously wear thigh highs without showing that they’re thigh highs.  They’re perfect to wear underneath a dress or skirt without having to show a pantyhose line.  Or you can also let them show and wear them with mini skirts/dresses and shorts which is what I have seen a lot of lately.  I actually decided to wear them over sheer black tights because I didn’t want to show my skin.
I’ve mentioned many times that I wear mostly gold, so I have been trying to switch it up lately by adding more silver pieces into my looks.  When I saw this silver metallic jacket on Romwe I wanted to try it out.  It’s super cute and I love the zipper details.  Romwe has some really great finds!
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  1. I love the jacket and I think it was definitely a wise idea to layer the thigh highs with pantyhose underneath…looks good!

    Kali Now Living

  2. Oh Naty..I know your missing LA! This weather SUCKS! At least you look fab! LOVE the jacket!


  3. Cute. And as for the weather, all i can say is hmmmmm…

  4. Awesome look, you're very pretty!

  5. That jacket is fab and I love the thigh highs.

  6. I think your outfit looks super cute I understand you completely I feel the same way the weather has been terrible in Atlanta I'll get back on it soon!

  7. Snow one day and 70 degree weather the next?! It's crazy here on the North East! Although I totally love this look!

  8. I love these layers – great idea to layer the thigh highs with black nylons underneath. Your jacket is fabulous too! =)

    Avec Amber

  9. I've been feeling the same way – I totally think it's the weather. I just want to laze around in sweats and sweatshirts (which is so not my usual style). But you look great! I really love what you did with the knee highs

  10. I feel you girl, sometimes I feel uninspired but I usually wait for it to come back lol… Love this look, I love that you took a classy approach to these tights, they look perfect!!


  11. Love the thigh highs, they look so cute with that outfit!

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  13. You look so amazing! Love the thigh highs, such a chic look!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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  17. Love the whole outfit this is amazing, the way you put everything together makes me jealous of you wardrobe!

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