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Miami Recap With Kipling

Happy Friday loves!  I’m closing this week out with a full recap of the Miami trip that I took last weekend with Kipling.  I stayed at The Miami Beach EDITION Hotel and it was seriously amazing.   If you were following along on instagram, then you already saw some of these photos.  I was only there for two nights, but I definitely wanted to get into more detail and of course, share more. There’s lots of photos! 🙂

This wasn’t a typical blogger trip as it was more press related and I have to say it was one of the best experiences for me.  It was very eye opening and great to see things from a different perspective in the industry.  I loved everyone that went and it was nothing but good vibes and great energy! I feel like I learned a lot last weekend and also had so much fun.  I went paddle boarding for the first time and was so proud of myself for not falling into the water. [ha!]  I even stood up and did it twice although my legs were trembling. A random fact is that I am a horrible swimmer.  I stay in the doggy paddle zone so when they asked if I wanted to wear a life vest you know I jumped up.

This purpose of this press trip was to celebrate the launch of the new Kipling x David Bromstad Collection .  They wanted to show us the inspiration behind the designs and give us the opportunity to meet with both the Kipling team and David.  David Bromstad is probably my new favorite person.  No lie.  His energy was so contagious and he is extremely talented.  He is known for his interior design work on HGTV and once I met him, I instantly saw why he was such a good fit for the new Kipling collection.  Kipling is a brand that definitely takes me back to my school years in the 90s.  I used to wear their backpacks!  I love seeing the new direction that they have taken over the years and how they have expanded.  Their collection with David was heavily influenced by the art in the design district in Miami.  They actually took us on a walking art tour in Wynwood and I was seriously just blown away by the street art and galleries.  It was my first time there and probably won’t be my last.  I have such an appreciation for art and it was incredible to be surrounded by so much of it. I loved hearing David’s thought process behind the designs too.  Here are some of my favorite snaps from the art tour.


After the tour they took us to a delicious dinner and to see some of the collection up close and personal.  The capsule collection features three unique hand drawn prints by David.  My favorite pieces are the ones that were inspired by passport stamps.  How amazing is that?!  Now that is the type of travel bag that I want to have.  I feel like it would inspire me to take more trips.  I also really loved the handprinted luggage stack.  So original and fun! The collection has everything from luggage to carry-ons to backpacks and even toiletry bags.  There is definitely something to suit all of your travel needs.

Here’s a better look at the collection!
The last day I just hung out by the pool and finally got to hang on the beach for a few.  I feel like I took hundreds of photos within those two days so let me stop it here. 🙂
 Hope you enjoyed this recap!  A huge thank you to the Kipling team for such an amazing time.  Looking forward to my next trip in November!  Happy weekend loves. 🙂


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  2. Dab

    My good god you are rocking that trip my girl, super super amazing.Each and every picture is outstanding you look so much adorable, hot, cute ,bubbly all everything at the same time ,really sad to hear about kiko I hope he is doing fine now.I am excited for your sister's baby shower can't wait to see all the Posts related to that …love you ,sorry for not being regular as you know about my brother wedding its almost near ,I'd be sharing some photos with you soon. God bless you my gorgeous,lots of love and a great post

    Thank you

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! Loving these photos, Naty! xo

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    You look amazing.

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