Minty Lace Florals

Hi dolls!  I’ve had such a crazy morning.  It’s been one of those days where everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong lol I wasn’t able to make it into the city for work and this is what I was going to wear so I decided to take pics anyway!  I was hoping to take these in the city but there’s always another day for that.





Top: Forever21
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Forever21
Bag & Sunnies: H&M
Lipstick: MAC Creme Cup
Both peplum & lace are great to have, so when I saw them combined together I really wanted to get this top.  I know, I know… I have a crazy obsession with peplum!  After thinking of ways to style it I finally decided on these mint pants.  I like mint and white together.  It’s very summery!





I went with my floral pumps to add some more color and print.  I didn’t know if I was going to like the combo of floral and lace but I really do!  I think the shoes added a nice extra touch to this whole outfit.  I decided to use my little shoulder bag and kept it neutral with white.   My nails actually add another splash of color.  I did them last night with Sinful Colors Neon Melon, one of my favorite summer shades.




These accessories have become my every day ones lately.  I love this Target watch.  People are always so surprised to find out that it’s not designer.  I’ve become attached to this white Forever21 bracelet too. Notice the tic tacs? lol My favorite MINTs!
I made a new youtube video today that I would love for you to check out.  In the video I answer 2 questions that I get asked frequently so this video is a little more personal.  I hope it gives you some more insight into who I am!
Have a LOVEly Tuesday!
  1. I love the outfit, you look fresh and summery. The lace peplum top is beautiful. The entire look was very well put together.


  2. You are pretty much wearing everything that I love in one outfit! Florals, lace, peplum, and mint! You look gorgeous.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • Thanks so much! They are all my favorite too!


  3. Luv it.. all I need is the top & floral shoes (which I've been wanting for a while) to recreate this outfit 🙂

  4. I love the outfit, the shoes add just the right touch of color!

  5. Love this look! To me is very refreshing! If that makes sense. Glad you're back:)

  6. Gorgeous look, love the lace top! love the color of the jeans too, so cute!

  7. Very cute….and thank you for the advice on where to go shopping in NYC! I love 5th Avenue, I checked out the new Zara store as well as F21 on Times Sqaure. I literally went to every F21 store in Manhattan lol.

  8. Perfect Summer Outfit. Mint, Lace, Florals and Peplum all in one outfit and you pulled it off so beautifully. I love it!


  9. Lovely combo of an outfit and I loved your video. Made me check out your music and I played "Get it Right" at least 3 times lol. You should release some more!

    xo Sally

    • Thanks so much! So happy you liked my music too 🙂 I'll be finishing up more songs soon!

  10. LOVEEEE this outfit & the shoes!!!! HOT!!!!

  11. LOVE the pants and SHOES 🙂

    Would love if you could check out my latest outfit post?

    Jess XO

  12. ari

    Great look! Love the lace peplum and those shoes.

  13. thanks for your lovely comment, of course I would love to follow each other! started following now!!! I'm waiting for you!!

  14. Hi! Okay a few things!
    1. Love peplum on you and the lace and floral are great together!

    2. Love watching you on your videos! what a great tattoo! you inspire me!!! =)

    3. I listened to your song on ITunes! what an amazing voice you have!!!! you're so talented

    okay that's all haha! love you and so proud of you!


    • Thank you sooooo much my love!! Means a lot 🙂 xo love you!

  15. You are so beautiful!! Your hair looks amazing. Love the mint and the lace peplum top.


  16. Mint, floral & lace = PERFECT COMBO!

    P.s you hair is very cute!

  17. I love your floral heel =)

  18. I love your style and your blog so much!!! I started following you on GFC and bloglovin!!! I just did a post on peplum trends I think this was meant to be!! Hope you will check it out xx


  19. This outfit is amazinggg! I literally gasped when I first got to your page. Great video too, loved listening to it! 🙂


  20. I love this whole outfit! Especially all of the peplum tops you've been doing lately. Great video as well, you seem really genuine 🙂 XoXo, Sarah

  21. I love the mint & lace together! You look gorgeous!
    A's Fashion Files

  22. I swear I love EVERYTHING about this look!!! On the hunt for some mint pronto! 🙂

  23. Can't believe this top came from Forever 21, it looks so good!! I love the splash of color with the shoes. You look lovely as always.

  24. Loveeeeeeeee the lace peplum and mint color together, great look. Your hair is fabulous by the way : )


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