Mix & Match

Outfit Details 

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (old, love this one) / Sweater: Old Navy (love this) / Jeans: Target
Shoes: CiCi Hot / Bag: Tommy Hilfiger / Scarf: Charlotte Russe 
Let me start this post by saying please don’t mind my crazy ponytail.  The wind has been so intense the last few days and it’s had my hair flying all over the place.  I look like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. lol 
With this look, I wanted to mix & match a couple of different pieces. The base of the outfit was the distressed denim and a chunky knit, but I wanted to go a step further with it.  I decided to pair this utility jacket over the sweater, which gave it more of a laid back casual feel.  I then went with these snakeskin print statement heels to dress this up a little and added on a printed scarf that it’s the same color palette as the jacket.  It’s a subtle print mix with the snakeskin shoes.  I don’t really ever print mix, but I just wanted to do something a little bit different.  Sometimes with my outfits, I can over think it.  Other times, I sort of just throw things together and walk out the door.  Yesterday was one of those days where I did the latter.  
Have a fab Tuesday! 
  1. Your hair looks great in the pony tail! Really shows off the scarf when it's up! 🙂


  2. NEED those shoes<3
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